Gallant Valor

August 28, 2017


It’s Sunday evening….some are about to return to church, some about to sit down for a wonderful dinner; some may be ready to slide back in their recliners to watch the evening news or some football. But let me interject some thoughts….

“God Bless Texas”

These courageous folks…. not the police or military; but the humanitarians who launch their boats on the highways into uncharted waters. They travel rooftop to rooftop, listening for stranded victims. Unless you have been involved in search and rescue as I did, you can’t imagine the danger. The sewers flood out, alligators and snakes, and the mosquitos will carry you off. Then there are the caskets that surface.

Here is where black lives matter! White supremacists could care less what you and the rest of America thinks. This is war friends – Texans against nature’s worst. God is the only entity prayed to here.

You talk about coming together as united people? Well snowflakes, take a lesson – WAKE UP! This is how America was and will always be. People with dignity respecting those with integrity. God bless them!!!

Gallant Valor

By the grace of God, there is no color of race nor ethnic coupe. There are no boastful rednecks. They instead drive for hours to launch their boats on interstates to save those in dire straits.

Praise those who give their time! They leave their families behind to help the survived. They certainly command a medal to commemorate their valiant duty.

God bless them!


United in love, our hearts are joined like two doves

In this excruciating heat, my brow is drenched and my words escape me. My love pours out like sweat from my heart. I often stop in the middle of my day and think of you. Love knows no value for there isn’t a price you can put on perseverance.

My heart’s consumed; my conscience overwhelmed; my love knows no boundaries. I love you, redundantly, is all I can say.

Like a morning’s spring flowers, you are a breath of fresh air. I watch the sun glistening in your silky hair and it’s your smile that awakens my dawn. It’s the way you look at me and put your arms around my spirit.

I ponder….what if you and I were Adam and Eve? What if God had made us first in another life? We would plant the earth and give it life. The Garden of Eden would be named after us.

I vow my soul as God has brought you here with me… till death do us part. My heart will never stray contained by your love. I find myself captured by your spirit.

Vows (2)

 So on this bright, cheerful afternoon, I commit all the love God has given me. I give unto you my love. It is my total life… the past and the future. Tonight in the moon light, we’ll toast to the greatest love that two of God’s creatures has ever known.

As I think about the lapse, our hearts were floundering in desperation. It is harmony that keeps our true love alive. And now I sing unto Him; for it is our dear Lord that blesses our union.

United in love, our hearts are joined like two doves; we sing in the morning, so grateful that God prearranged our love. We will plan our destination, as we dream about forever…hand in hand; and walk to the promised land that God wants for us. Graciously accepting this lifetime of completeness, we deserve all the happiness and joy a man and a woman could ever ask for.

May my every morning be filled with bouquets of love. Closing your eyes to the effervescence, you will reach for a vase and put our love on cloud nine. There we will be smiling with our Lord, thanking Him for the flower bed we will lay in every morning….. Amen

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