Bearing My Faith

….I will follow all the days I remain beneath the shroud, bearing my faith, where I’m protected.

Bearing My Faith 1

Walking as though to follow my prince, the footprints by the rejuvenated waves has once again returned to the annoying noise of things I forgot. All that remains are memories that fill my heart, as I sit alone waiting on my coffee. Smiles consume my spirit now. My yesteryears of illusions and nightmares now give way to answered prayers. Grateful to God, my life I owe to God’s never undying love for me. So, I come to the altar of time where all I can do is praise His name, bearing my faith.

Under a cloud of interpretation, my soul now climbs with determination. My strength to conquer the unforeseen comes to the forefront. It is He, my Lord in heaven, that shall help me up as now I am responsible for two.

Bearing My Faith 2

Love….no greater army shall defend my title. Though the sun may not always shine on our shoulders, God will always abundantly umbrella our hearts in stormy weather.

Tired, I travel with my cross to bear as the scars of life have left their mark. Now imperfect, I limp, carrying all the love I have to fight the demons which have tried to conquer my past. But God, our Father, has kept our boat from sinking. As we give Him the faith he so richly deserves, I recognize I’d be nothing less than a meal beneath the sea without His love.

Every day, I travel upstream to spawn my creativity….a gift I cannot return but rather share it with the world. God, again, has miraculously saved me! And in the clouds of the unforeseen, the GPS – my heavenly Father – I will follow all the days I remain beneath the shroud, bearing my faith, where I’m protected.  Amen.



Drawn To The Sound

God has blessed me as I return, like a winter bird, to rejuvenate my heartfelt thoughts.



As the rhythm of life occurs, we find ourselves attracted to the tempo sound of different tunes. Some are great gospel songs we all know by heart, some are classical quartet ensembles; as many of my generation, the classic sounds of Motown soul rule but there are some that would rather listen to the country guitar strings.

Today, however, it’s a different kind of sound. I sit on the eleventh floor, taking a deep breath to inhale the salt air. I listen to the echo from the ocean roar. Though the waves are fierce at sea level, it’s a majestic view of white caps and the blue ocean that captures my imagination. Intently observing the oyster white sands that sprawl along the coastline, miles away there’s a peninsula and a tiny cove.


Proverbs 20:5
“The purposes of man’s heart are deep water, but a man of understanding draws them out.”


Drawn to the sound, people come from miles around to the fishing capital of the world. The simmering sands and the peace and quiet are reasons enough to enjoy this paradise. Pristinely unique to any place in the world, my life is complete as I listen to its sound.

Drawn To The Sound

Now the days are growing shorter and this sleepy place wakes a little later as the sun sets over the winter waters. We walk alone amongst the dunes and sea oats whispering in the northerly winds. The dormant shores have hibernated for the winter; no umbrellas nor lounge chairs, just a few terns and sea gulls reclaim what once was their own before the summer months.

God has blessed me as I return, like a winter bird, to rejuvenate my heartfelt thoughts. Lovingly, I have returned with you, my childhood sweetheart. We’ve missed so much throughout the years but God, now, has given us a second chance.

Drawn To The Sound 2

I’m here to give God my utmost thanks. I share my heart, praying for calmer waters. Drawn to the heavenly sound of waves and the wings on the winds, it’s a sanctuary where God’s love begins. I hold your hand, embracing your heart. It’s all I have….I give you my love.

Psalm 139:9-10

If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast.

Dancing On The Shoreline

….our spirits race to first place into the curve.

Dancing On The Shoreline 4

There’s a hint of sunlight as the cumulus sky lingers from the night. There’s no noise, no life, just you and l walking on the shoreline. The sea foam still remains but there’s no terns running in and out of it. Frozen in time, it’s you and me. God is holding our hands just as He holds our hearts. As though we were sent back to the beginning of time, there’s no one for as far as the eye can see. Even the ocean just lies on the beach for miles and miles. It looks like you could walk on it. It’s as if God is inviting us to participate but our fears make us all the more human.

The sun majestically rises as though it’s on a honeymoon too, casting diamonds across the ripples of the waters. I let go of your hand and wrap my arm around your shoulder. I ask you, “Is this where God intended for us to be thirty years ago?” Little did we ever guess what our Father in heaven had planned for us. Taking a deep breath, you breathe in the smell of the ocean atmosphere. A chill resonates as it’s always the coolest right before dawn.

The earth now begins to come alive, just as in the beginning of time. First was the little critters dancing on the shoreline; the gulls and terns take turns chasing the sand crabs in the bubbles. Then, breaking through the diamond reflections, a pod of porpoise are hunting for breakfast too.

Survival of the fittest begins on this first day of marriage. God has truly blessed the world that lies in front of us. I couldn’t be happier! As blessings flow like the mountain springs never-ending, our hearts pour out in unison. We share the cherished memories of our younger years.

Dancing On The Shoreline cover

The sun is now crawling out of bed and cat paws prance on the water where we fear to tread. A spectacular day on tap – a little breeze, some autumn air, a little salt and a lounge chair to boot.

Thank you, dear Lord. Thank you for finally blessing our lives. Though our youthfulness may have wilted some, our spirits race to first place into the curve. So blessed to share the secrets of life with the world before us, our dreams of success are resonating like the morning sun. God bless those who wake and pray and join the birds dancing on the shoreline! What a gift! Our life now complete, the thrill of another day to do God’s work lies ahead. What an awesome blessing!!

I love you!

Second Chances

I’ve stumbled through life only to find my gift at the end of my rainbow….

Second Chances

I examine life and ask God, is heaven real? If it is, then is this hell on Earth? If so, then the Bible is the basic instructions before leaving earth. The pain that runs through my veins has crippled my youthfulness. The wrinkles of weariness exemplify my stature. The gray may look distinguished but it came with a price. And gravity, for lack of a better word, has altered my posture from years before. Rocking, I’m overwhelmed as tears of hurt and disappointment have led me astray. Dead end promises of success and dreams of a better way, constantly crumbled before me. Disabled at breach, I’ve stumbled through life only to find my gift at the end of my rainbow.

I look into your hollow eyes as I see the emptiness of years we missed together. Again, I wish for days of grandeur as the lost yesteryears now bring us to our future. Like a scene from a love story, our romance has tied a knot after our paths, once again, have crossed. God, the great director of directors, has won an academy award for seeing that two lonely hearts find one another, a thousand miles apart.

Trying to paint the final chapter, I look at a picture hook on an empty wall. Hope so vibrant and strength gleaming in vitality, it was only for a scrapbook….that which held the love together. Gone forever we thought life was over.

James 1: 2
Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds

Now in the prime of time, as the years come to a close, you hug me and kiss my promise. God has answered both of our hopes for eternal love. They will open the gates of heaven on Earth. Like a home cooked meal, I’m starved for your affection…that which produces a spontaneous combustion of smiles and joy. Every morning is like waking on Christmas, just dying to see what Santa brought. Now the once empty eyes have blossomed like a bouquet that sits on a window sill in the dead of winter, this second time around. We, as one, have come to be. God anointed our path long before we found each other.

second chances 2

Like a little kid, I send you love notes across your desk before I head off to work. And arriving home, on the garage door, I read from you and the parrots, “So glad you’re home, we missed you, love you .”


You see, youthfulness has no limit. The weary wrinkles mean we made it and the gray stands for – we lived through it! As we grow old together, we now have thirty years to make up. Asking God to anoint our time on Earth, may we be the first to reach the heavens holding hands forever.

Second Chances 5

I love you, forever.


Romans 8:28
“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Standing The Test

It’s only God that plants potential in our spirit as we try to figure out what we are supposed to do in life.

Stand The Test 4


An old statue remains in the middle of a town square and year after year, it deals with the elements. Walking by to admire the craftsmanship, I pause to reflect on the crosses I too, bear….

Stand The Test 2

Like a pillar, I stand in the site of God asking only for forgiveness. With my determination, I must proceed. My commitments are never-ending. Blessed, my integrity stands the test of time. And now, my life has been complimented. Only God could have made my miracle happen – the re-emergence of a “love child” of the eighties – a love I never knew.

But what is my point? Closely observing the statue in the middle of town square, one realizes that within ourselves God has given us all the ability to create anything we want. Be it in the form of dreams or prayers, our creativity is derived by our Father in heaven. After all, He only wants the best for us, like any father’s wishes.

Stand The Test 1

We do fall short, though, at times. As a baby learns to walk, we face our tribulations. I’m not a trained writer, or so I thought. I’m dyslexic, but it was God that put me up to the challenge. Feeling a bit like Moses, I have no idea of my potential. After all, I don’t think I could part the Red Sea!

It’s only God that plants potential in our spirit as we try to figure out what we are supposed to do in life. Think you may be too old to change? Better not! Biblically speaking, not one was young when they left their mark, “As it written…”

God loves us all. There is no bias or supremacy in His eyes. We are equal, as humans, in His light. We have the reserved right to reach for whatever it is that we can dream. Like Isaiah, we just never can conceive our own possibilities. He, too, realized that God had made him with unique characteristics and a special purpose – to serve him and proclaim His news.

As Dawn awakes, the sun rises from the East. A miracle of the morning, we are blessed with the capabilities to go out and conquer the world, just as God so intended. Be not afraid! I was scared to death too, but it didn’t stop me. Keeping my faith, I wouldn’t be swallowed. I, on this bright sunny morning, pray for all that step out and make a change in their own lives to the glory of God. Pray for the direction and faith to walk in the mysterious miracles that God holds for each of us.


Stand The Test 3


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The Gull

….and Fun Biblical Facts About Birds

The Gull 3

Psalm 50:11-12

I know every bird on the mountains, and all the animals of the field are mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell you, for all the world is mine and everything in it.

The Gull 5

In the early morn’, I sit on the bench and watch as the fog burns off. And as it lifts, my eyes are opening as if for the very first time. Surrounded by a gray haze in the cool dew of the early morning, the blue heavens begin to poke through.

Sea gulls fly about fishing for their morning meal. What a heavenly, gentle wind stirring for their flight as their fish hide in the cat paws! Surprisingly, one has decided to land and nest right here on the bench beside me. He and I, now eye to eye, meet. Good morning, I say. He shook his head and spread his wings. Hmmm…do I dare move a muscle and disturb him as he’s resting? Now focused on the gull accompanying me, the blue and lifting fog merely becomes a back drop to the picture that is sitting beside me.

As we all do in our times of tranquility, we tend to talk to God’s animals as they venture too close. This one is different though. I moved a little but he stayed. I turned my head and he looked my way. This is incredible, I thought to myself. I held my hand out….surely that should do it. But the gull didn’t budge!

As his friends fly above us, I know they’re watching too. Turning my body slightly toward him, he ruffles his feathers but still remains. Ok, I’m going to see if he’ll let me pet him – surely not – but maybe. With the precision of a surgeon’s hands, gently I reach over and very lightly rub his back. Can you believe he dropped his head and closed his eyes as if to say, “Thank you for that.” I did it again – and still he stays.

The Gull 4

His comfort is growing, his confidence prevailing. Respectfully, I pet him a time or two, again and again. And as he lets me continue, a bond is born. The fear is broken.

I look to the heavens and thank God for this moment. Nature and I are one, if only for a minute. I can’t help but consider, is that God reaching out to me? Did I just meet Him as I followed my conscience? Oh but I did….for no wild bird, on its own free will, would land and let a human hand touch him as I did!

Yup – I think God dropped by to pay me a visit today on this cool, foggy morning – just to say, “Hi” and to see how I was doing. I told Him I was okay through my touch on the gull. And from the bench, I watch as He takes off. He circles overhead as if to say, “Bless you, I’ll see you soon.”


The Gull 1

The Gull 2


Andrea Wansbury, author of “Birds Divine Messengers; Transform Your Life with their Guidance and Wisdom” writes, “Each bird acts as a messenger for God by bringing to us its own individual message at a time when we most need to hear guidance. These messages are words of wisdom and advice, and they can help us to identify talents we are not using, or the negative beliefs and thought patterns that are holding us back. Once these messages are understood and applied to our lives, they can be a valuable source of direction as we progress on our spiritual journeys.”


Fun Biblical Facts About Birds


There are almost 300 verses in the Bible that refer to birds, predominantly in the Old Testament. God delivers spiritual messages through birds particularly sparrows.

The earliest known meaning of “bird” was young produced from eggs.

The original bird species of the bible still exist in Cairo, Egypt today.

The origin of the phrase, “A little bird told me,” can be found in Ecclesiastes 10:20

Birds offer spiritual lessons:
“Their glory shall fly away like a bird” (Hosea 9:11)

“The birds of the air have nests; … but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head” (Matthew 8:20)

The eagle was used to encourage hosts of Israel. “Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself. Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treas­ure unto me above all people” (Exodus 19: 4-5).

The sparrow is used to emphasize God’s love for His people.

The Gull 6

The longest list of birds in any one chapter of the Bible is found in Leviticus 11 where the mention of “unclean birds” comes to light. Such species include owls, ravens, the osprey, herons, eagles, buzzards, and hawks.

When Jesus was crucified on the cross, Abraham had to beat vultures. Vile birds are the Bible’s symbol of demons.

The peacock symbolizes immortality. (Job 39:13)

The blackbird represents the darkness of sin (black feathers) and the temptations of the flesh.

The dove is the symbol of the Holy Ghost, as well as representing peace and purity. (Song of Solomon 2:14) and (Luke 3:22)

The wild falcon symbolizes evil thoughts or actions.

The Gull 7

The goldfinch frequently appears in pictures of the Christ Child. Because of this small bird’s fondness for thistles and thorns, it has come to represent the Passion of Our Lord.
The rooster is the symbol of the soul’s awakening and response to God’s grace. (Matthew 26:34)

The swallow represents the Incarnation.

The woodpecker usually symbolizes the Devil. It undermines faith and leads man to destruction.

The robin protected Christ from the sparks of a fire, which he caught on his breast, while the Holy Family rested on their flight into Egypt.

The eagle is a symbol of the Resurrection based on an ancient belief that the eagle would renew its youth and plumage by flying near the sun and then plunging into water. (Psalm 102: 5)

The raven symbolized the devil but also solitude. (Genesis 8:7)

Bird wings symbolize both the spiritual covering of God’s care for people and the freedom people gain from spiritual growth.



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Seen God Lately?

and Signs of God’s Presence In Your Life….

Seen God Lately 3

In our furious world, we are all set to deadline some thing or somewhere. There’s little time to stop and think about much more than work and family. But my burning question arises, have you ever seen God or felt his presence?  I bet you have and never realized it!

Watching the forecast, you begin to wonder….the winds swirl and rain comes at you with blunt force. Hunker down to protect yourself! Brutal weather is nothing compared to the imagination of Satan. You must realize he will take any opportunity to reign. It seems that gloomy gray and having a bad day coincides in some way. Your disposition and your attitude do seem to parallel with the oncoming shades of gray.

For hours, or maybe even days, we find our souls hibernating as the weary weather penetrates our bones. Then one afternoon the clouds subside and horizontal lines of blue break through. Your heart smiles at last! God has shed His grace over what was once a reign of terror. He calms the weather as if laying His hands upon the stormy seas. Sighing deeply, we now feel His ever-presence knowing only our Father in heaven could bring us this peace.


“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:13


Relaxed in these moments of peace, we grab something refreshing and step outside. Here in His sanctuary, you see His hands raise the sad, droopy flowers from Satan’s reign. Even the birds come out to frolic at the feeder.

Oh yes, God is more present than you’ll ever know. Noticing the swirling winds, you wish you were on His pristine waters sailing out to another port. Lord, what an awesome feeling to know you are right here beside us as we tack! Especially when we need Him the most.

Seen God Lately 2

If you feel God is trying to tell you something, consider He is preparing you for a greater in the future. Embrace it…look closely at it and don’t wish it away. Pray for His divine wisdom in your life.


Seen God Lately 1

Signs of God’s Presence In Your Life


Is God talking and you’re not listening or are you not familiar with His messages in your life?  Here are some eye-opening signs that God is speaking and you must pay attention:

God will use people to send you messages. Interested in pursuing something but you’re uncertain? If ordained by God, natural events will begin to occur that gives you the extra push to run with it. Particular people will come to you with encouraging words or information that you need to move into the right direction. People are not placed in your life by accident.

Ever seen a message in the sky by the clouds? Or by birds or butterflies? Allow me to share a personal experience with you. My editor was recently sitting on the back porch and a WILD bird flew down to within two feet of her and began chirping. Thinking they wanted some food, she threw bread onto the ground for them but they didn’t come down to eat it. When she went back to her computer, one of my writings was waiting for her and it turned out to be one of my most popular pieces. Not only that, this piece mentioned birds in it!

Financially broke but money appears “out of nowhere”? Not a stroke of luck….coincidences are from God!

Have you ever been in or saw a death-defying accident but walked out alive? Was there someone mysteriously there that helped but later disappeared when an ambulance arrived on the scene? God’s angels, my friends.

Ever had an uncomfortable feeling or a feeling like you shouldn’t be doing something? God will never lead us to do something that is wrong. There is a sign to find in the turmoil.

Dreams will be very vivid when they are a message from God.


“My sheep know my voice.” (John 10:27)



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