My Fading Frozen Flower

…..God our Father protects the innocent – even as little as a flower!

My Fading Frozen Rose

The gray sky turns to the dark of night. Huddled in the corner where the fence post pivots, shivers a shrub I planted last summer. I prayed over it asking our heavenly Father to watch over the fragile, faded frozen rose. But wilting in the dark of winter, the poor little frozen stems lie damaged due to the cold. Blanketed with love and prayers, its roots are numb below the freezing rain and snow. God, did you not hear my prayers? Now, it’s night, and the brown wilted leaves and fragments of petals struggle to survive; another brutal ice storm falls instead of gentle, warm spring showers.

There are no bull frogs or locusts chattering in the evening air, just a howling sound. Satan tries to kill every living thing God blesses and my heart pales as pain resonates through the window. Wishing I could fix everything wrong in life, a tear meanders from its duct. I’m helpless while nature takes its course. As I watch my breath on the glass, I give God the glory for I know I have no other choice. Turning away and closing the drapes, it’s up to Him who withers or lives and only the thaw will reveal the truth.

The bed is turned down, and I lay my prayers on the pillow. Once more, I wonder if God’s listening. All I can do is pray for my little frozen rose and hope it’s okay. Morning comes, but the stem remains frozen in time. As spring brings hope, a new stem survives the winter. Though Satan thought he would conquer in the cold, God our Father protects the innocent – even as little as a flower!

It is important to realize that God’s protection may come as an ending, but that is because something new and better is on the horizon. As God’s children, we’re promised a life protected by God, in which nothing or no one can separate us from His love.

God Bless….. and Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Fading Frozen Rose 2

Catch 22

Let us toast to the memories we’ve made and thank our Lord for this day….

Catch 22 FB

Waiting for the procession, I took a moment to gather my thoughts. A new life begins though some are almost gone as the sun sets over past memories. Some are good, some bad, some happy and sad, but in His midst, life goes on. We follow our heart as our spirit leads us not into temptation but to the glory of God’s everlasting love.

I hear the strings of the lyre playing and I realize that life is a little like a piano wire stretched across the mast of an old schooner ship. It relentlessly waves in the stormy seas and fights to survive when lightning strikes. Our journey is already paved though, for we are saved by the grace of God.

In our own life of twists and turns, we recollect in much the same way. We reflect on our own journey’s ups and downs as our heart pours out. Tears are shed but broken hearts mend, creating memories of years past.

So, where do we head from here? I’ll hold your hand if it will help, but God knows time is short. Therefore, live every single day like it’s your last, for you just may leave behind a legacy that would make a difference for the cause of Christ!

Point your sails toward the setting sun and enjoy the refreshing coolness that ushers in, for the moon will rise behind you, and guide us home to be with our Lord. Watching the ripples dance on the gentle swells, our hearts will shine on into eternity.

Be thankful for God’s blessings! Remember Him in all that you do and make Him #1 always. Though life is a Catch 22, let us toast to the memories we’ve made and thank our Lord for this day…. there are no promises of tomorrow. Amen.

Catch 22 (1)

Satan Rains

No matter how dark the night gets, we can be reminded that joy comes in the morning. (Psalm 30)

Satan Rains 1

A whistle blows, the signals turn, and a light glows deep within the tunnel. Engine wheels pound the ground as they roll over the rails and the sound intensifies to the beating inside your body. Your mind wanders as tensions tumble and frustrations rule. Confusion sets in like an afternoon thunderstorm, so you go to your family physician and he runs the tests. Not feeling completely satisfied with the results, you’re given a follow-up appointment card for next month – another 30 days!

Soul-searching, you wonder how you got to this point. You ask your bathroom mirror, “Where did I go wrong? How did I get in to this predicament in the first place”? So you climb into a steamy hot shower, hoping to cleanse that which ails your aching spirit. Though the water hypnotizes your nerves, nothing changes by the time you dry off with a warm towel.

Another restless night and morning comes with no conclusive evidence. But over a cup of morning coffee and an examination of your childhood, events you forgot over time creep back into your memory and Satan rains. An abusive lifestyle that your subconscious wanted you to forget, leaves you hopelessly disturbed and now your physician tries to analyze the mind that’s left. Pardoning those who are born with impairments such as ADHD and other similar ailments, I must discuss the mental illnesses that lend themselves to everyday circumstances – PTSD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

Satan Rains 3

We are born as children of God which lends my theory to begin with the fact we are perfection at birth. So, a Christian cannot help but wonder if most mental health problems are a consequence of the negative experiences called life.

I speak as a recipient of verbal abuse in my childhood years. If you fill a child’s mind full of negativity, they will grow up being the same – pessimistic and socially unaccepted. A hug and kiss each time you say goodbye to your child as they go out to play or school, will leave their little brain positive and confident.

Blaming some types of mental illnesses on chemical imbalances in the brain is like blaming children for their parents. Psychological disorders may be a cranium problem but abuse, of any nature, creates the same effect. One is not born with PTSD but rather a recipient of severe trauma experienced in a series of life events. People are not born severely depressed, anxious, panic-ridden, or suicidal. The root of these conditions are the negative experiences of life and perhaps even spiritual issues involving a division of the body and soul.

Though my feelings on this topic are of my own, I do sincerely sympathize with afflicted Christians. Knowing where I am in my life now compared to where I’ve been, justifies my analysis. But I believe the suffering of a mental illness could be possibly viewed as a gift. As a Christian why would you want a gift like this? The answer is simple. If you lean on God for the strength to conquer the battle, your faith and hope grows developing compassion for others. The capacity to feel joy, peace and every other fruit is of God’s Holy Spirit.

Satan Rains 2

It is important to remind your children that they walk in Christ to avoid Satan raining in their minds. God is in the heart, soul, and mind of every person on earth. No matter how dark the night gets, we can be reminded that joy comes in the morning. (Psalm 30).

Corinthians 5:16-17
“From now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view … Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here!”


The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift 3


Much like an approaching season, we attempt to deliver the greatest gift one could ever receive – the ability to share God’s work with those who do not know Him intimately or even understand Him—the un-believers. With all the compassion life has to offer, Christians need to hold their heads up to God’s direct command that we all become disciples of His word.

The Greatest Gift 1

Reverently, I beseech you to be a witness to His almighty works, exploiting that which you know best as a Christian! When you introduce others to Christ, they become children and temples of God. All their sins are forgiven and they will begin to experience His peace and love. What greater gift can there be than to witness the power of God changing an un-believer’s life?

It is our Father in heaven that will give you the strength, as you wander out into mountainsides of the unknown. Sow the seeds and relax. Let God do what He wants to do through you. As words of wisdom, I say, make sharing your faith a way of life! As for those Christians who steer away from such things, may we remind you that God is in command and in the business of making miracles happen.

There is ample proof in today’s world that men and women want to know more about Christ, be it explained that God’s holy words are administered by a true Christian. Yes, you can go door-to-door, but that typically is not received well. Instead, nonchalantly speak to others about something (a miracle or blessing), that He did to make you a believer, a testimony of sorts. Write a blog for your church. Display acts of service in charity drives and let them witness kindness. Join a mission trip at your local church. Wear Christian themed t-shirts in order to open up a conversation. Create a free helpline for people who are depressed or lonely. Share your faith on social media. Be charitable to those who are down and out. Become a mentor to those with a lack of direction in life, for example troubled teens or shelters for battered women. Read the Bible in your lunch break to peak others’ interest. Join a church prison ministry to reach out to inmates and share the gospel.  Let God expand your mind as you pray for guidance and leadership.

Do as it is required of you: give the greatest gift of sharing the miracle of God!

The Greatest Gift 2

Driven By Faith

Love…. and all that it implies

Driven by Faith 3

In the anointing of early morn, I am greeted by the dawn. A chill remains in the variable breezes, as I look out across the effervescence of the inlet. It is God’s awesomeness that has brought us together. Reflecting as I sip on my first cup, life is full twists and curves. It is true that God does answer the prayers of His children.

Who would have known what plans God had for the two of us? I was destined to find my comfort somewhere on the shores of Oklahoma, and you had succumbed to the battlefields of Virginia. We would have never found our true love, if it had not been for our heavenly Father’s divine intervention.

Through the pain and sorrow of past misjudgments, the suffering continued until one cold February morning…. our Father parted the storm clouds and granted a pathway. It was as though He parted the waters just for us! A love story, driven by faith and blessed by prayers, was anointed by our Almighty. Like Robinson Crusoe, we were lost but not forgotten…. for God knew better.

Driven by Faith 1

So our crusade began, like a baby learning to walk. We stumbled some, but our hearts remained vigilant to our promise. Remembering feelings from decades before, we can only imagine what God has in store for our journey now.

In the bright reflecting rays of a Floridian November, the sun heated up our individual paths. We joined hands and vowed our love for one another. We promised God our love to him as well, forever. The heavens are true and as blue as the flowing oceans. We’ve come to our destination where dreams and reality can only make believers in the Lord’s miracles and blessings. Our hearts rejuvenated, God has and will continue to bless our anointed future. Saying our prayers and holding onto our hearts, faith in God is all we have. God is love!

Driven by Faith 2

1 Timothy 1:5
The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

Reminiscing Memoirs

Reminiscing Memoirs

I watch the swans and geese huddle together in the cove as a winter wind ushers in frozen precipitation. God and a crackling fire, comforts my soul. Yet the poor swans…. aren’t their feathers frozen? Praying for sunlight, they try to find comfort against old man winter’s fury by hiding in the foliage. But, the Bible tells us that “the breath of life resides within all animals”, so I can only assume that God protects them, in some way, from the brutal elements. Looking into the sunlight that shines inside me, I remain poised for the onslaught of impending weather…. yet my warm memories remain.

Reminiscing Memoirs 5

The lake reflects its lifeless nature, yet we receive the somber grace of God. Waiting and watching for a sign from above, a speck of blue gives a glimmer of hope that spring isn’t too far behind. Oh, how I look forward to seeing life prosper along the shoreline! I heard today, only seventy-two more days before summer begins and I personally can’t wait. But, I must be mindful that the forces of nature are at God’s disposal, carrying out His purposes, here on earth.

Listening to the frozen rain as it pitter-patters upon the roof tops, I pray to God for those who don’t have relief of shelter. Life so tender, He takes a personal interest in how the poor and homeless are treated.

Reminiscing Memoirs 3

I love being on the water! It is where I was born and raised; where the music of calling foul keeps tempo with the breaking waves upon the shore. Rowdy friends terrorized the neighborhood on their speeding bikes. Parents would pick up the phone and make warning calls to the mothers of those little ‘sea urchins’. Too cold now, reminiscing memories are all I have and they rejuvenate my tender times of younger years to keep me warm.

Reminiscing Memoirs 4

My best friend is nine months older than me. I wonder if our parents knew we’d still be close, a lifetime later? All these mixed emotions burn inside me like a campfire on a summers night. So, I sit on the couch and watch it rain. God, I know, is working on my prayers. I’ve prayed a very long time to be in this position. I just never thought I’d be here…. reminiscing my memoirs!

It’s Sunday Morning

I give all I have to God for He has granted where I am in life.

It's Sunday Morning

I listen to the coffee perking in the darkness. I open an eye and peek between the blinds, thinking how these covers feel mighty comforting. Consciously I pray, God thank you for this cold winter’s day so I may replenish my body that I have so badly destroyed. But today feels different…. it’s like angels arrived and worked all through the night to bring me the comfort that I feel, right now. Relinquishing, I give all I have to God for He has granted me an exquisite place in life.

My biography highlights, which I write about in my blogs and books, are proof that God exists in a world full of doubt. Miracles shared in fairytales do come true; but to actually be a character in one, though, is beyond my wildest imagination. Dreams, you see, do come true…just stay in prayer! I count my blessings, as I think it looks like snow outside. I thank Him most of all for you, my friends!

It's Sunday Morning 2

Most never know what lies deep behind the subconscious. Thinking I need to be somewhere else this morning, my Lord, I know, is here with me. So, I light a candle in my house–my mental sanctuary. Oh, God, you are so awesome to wake me with wisdom, for there are times I drift off to sleep in doubt.

The clouds begin to thicken and I wonder if the weatherman is right or will the snow miss us. I am more than so thankful that God is not like a meteorologist. Bundled in my sweats and slippers, my comfort resonates from inside. I need another cup of coffee, but God and I are having a deep conversation. I’ll have to wait…. His presence takes precedence.

Isaiah 43:7
Bring all who claim me as their God, for I have made them for my glory. It was I who created them.