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This page is an open forum. Feel free to ask questions and make comments to your heart’s content! It is a dedicated page to announcements and the latest news in my writing world. All topics are open for discussion here so don’t be shy readers…….let’s have fun and talk!


If I could explain the lesson of life, it would be summed up in one word, “Miracle”. Everyday we pray for, wait on, and live for…. but some do not believe. Some could never imagine that God can honestly touch a living being. Well guess no more! My messages derive from what God sends me. I never know when I’ll get my next thought or message.
Born dyslexic, with little English skills or formal college education, there’s only one answer to this phenomenon – God, of course. Non-believers would disagree, but I ask – explain why a left hander writes everything with the opposing hand?? With zero computer skills, my messages are pecked on my phone and then sent off to be edited.

Knowing only God anoints, I continue to spread the word. We all are gifted by our Holy, if you just let Him enter into your soul!



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Dr. Peacock book series

There have been inquiries about my children’s book series, Dr. Peacock and Friends, and I want to give you the latest news about it.  Tate Publishing printed up the original set of books but they were never sold to the public because their organization folded prior to it’s release.

But anyway the books are now being revised to include newer storylines and such.  There are twelve story books in the series and they will be ready for a new publisher in 2018.

I will keep you posted of their progress….


Dr. Pea 2

Congratulations Dana!!

I am so proud of Dana Bicks!  He has had a great week and I just have to share the news! Being his Editor and marketing support team, he signed up to participate in Success Inspirer’s World, international top bloggers site and was accepted.  Last week was his first full week of blogging and he has already acquired 4,005 viewers from all over the world.  What a fantastic following!  We can hope that those numbers will continue to rise as people become familiar with his beautiful writings.  Thank you everyone for your support of his messages from God!

The second piece of great news is that he has now become a writer for the Millionaire’s Digest Magazine – offered to him by the Founder and CEO!  He will write articles and stories in the topics of Religion, Stories, and Successful Living magazines.

Big thumbs up Dana and with joy of much success!  – Anne Schanne




My personal “Thank You”….

Another sweltering hot afternoon!  Dear God I ask, how much more of the same must one man take?  My labored spirit reminds me of a rotisserie…. I can’t seem to cool off!  But it’s the love of my job that’s keeps me here in this oppressive heat.  A commitment to a Christian employer, a man I deeply admire, he seems to never rest.  I wander where his energy comes from for mine is almost gone.  Faithfully, I resume my post, fulfilling my obligation and taking command.  My job is never done.

It’s said behind every self-driven successful male is a great and powerful woman.  Today, I’m elated to share that quietly behind the scenes, my sweet Anne has seen my potential and created what God wants of me.  As some friends know, about six years ago I was touched. God called on me to write.  A dyslexic and unexposed to any kind of literature, reading wasn’t my forte.  It’s just recent that my old acquaintance from 1985 found me and we have proudly rekindled that which we thought was impossible.  But as you know God’s timing is His own.  One never knows what God has in store for any of us.

Now, humbled and grateful, I want to not only thank Anne, but all of my followers that enjoy my spirit.  My messages come from God… I’m merely a messenger.  My goal is not to just share (that’s your job – LOL), but to touch your soul, and make your spirit content. Putting a skip in your walk, I pray I give you something to smile about every day.

God bless each and every one of you. My heartfelt “thank you”.


Thank you

Coming Soon!

God's Grace ebook cover (2)

“By God’s Grace: Edgewater”, my first book in a series of adult inspirational prose, is  written to relay messages from God.  It talks of love, betrayal, devotion, emotion, loss, and life. By God’s grace, all things are possible.

This book was originally scheduled to be released in the beginning of 2017.  However, the publishing company that held the original copyright was closed down due to legal ramifications of some very poor management decisions. But as God always protects the righteous, this stumbling block has allowed me the opportunity to revise it again with even more beautiful pieces!

I am excited to tell that an eBook version of, “By God’s Grace”, will be released in the fall of 2017!  Exact date will be announced soon.  There will also be a Podcast version available. JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!

Stay tuned here for all the latest updates on my books!