Dr. Peacock book series

There have been inquiries about my children’s book series, Dr. Peacock and Friends, and I want to give you the latest news about it.  Tate Publishing printed up the original set of books but they were never sold to the public because their organization folded prior to it’s release.

But anyway the books are now being revised to include newer storylines and such.  There are twelve story books in the series and they will be ready for a new publisher in 2018.

I will keep you posted of their progress….


Dr. Pea 2

Author: Dana Bicks LLC, Author

What you are reading on my website is the result of a miracle from God. I am not a writer, though I am a messenger. God took a very dyslexic guy from Severna Park, Maryland, who never read or wrote a thing, and told me I was going to write messages to share with others. I do not have a degree, and English was my poorest subject. Trust me, it's only through God that I write. As you read, understand that we all have the ability to receive the gifts that Christ would like us to have, gifts from God. It happened to me, it can happen to you. Let God enter your soul and rule your spirit!

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