Divine Wisdom

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The night comes…. chapters close and a sigh of relief appears in the moonlight. We seek God and thank him for our many blessings. We’ve seen Satan’s power surrounding our world as life is torn from God’s holy chosen. Endeavors of many, though, try to conquer evil but fail.

With the strength of faith and armored by prayer, we look to our Father for inner peace. He assures us we will never be left behind. Though times are tough and we struggle daily, God prepares us for our future with His love and divine wisdom.

In the restless night, we worry and pray for dawn to come. Hopefully, the evil dominates our past will be removed with a new day. It’s only a miracle God brings us through the trials as we press on to survive. Survival substantiates the verses, for God, in all His righteousness, never tells a lie. The Bible instructs us to obtain wisdom for discernment, at all cost, through constant prayer. We must remember – prayers are a messenger; without them, we cannot communicate or receive divine wisdom.

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God’s wisdom gets to the heart of our matters and sets aside all other human emotions to deliver peace abundantly. So, let us give thanks for majestic mornings. At times, we may wonder if it’s worth the trouble to even make our bed, never seeing the fortitude. But even in the dimmest of hopes, He admires your integrity. If we set our sights on newer blessed horizons, our Lord will stand firm with his arms around us. He guides us through the winter squalls and our patience protected.

Humanity can find true wisdom in a real relationship with our Savior. Let’s make ourselves an example to others.

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Flavor of the Charm

God bless my home!

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Waking to the scent of salt and Old Bay Seasoning, the street vendors set up in the dawn’s damp, early light. The sun reflects off the wakes of the trolling fishing boats leaving port. Tourists rise and walk the docks to watch the traditions of the hometown’s men carrying out their family traditions. Cobblestones from the 1800s, chatter beneath push carts loaded with vegetables, and fresh crustaceans line the walks.

Flavor of the Charm 1

A group of dressed whites parades from the Naval Academy, adding to the flavor of the charm and reminiscent of Olde Town. The sun has changed the sky from a glow of orange to a bright blue with brush strokes of cumulus sweeping in the early light. A gentle breeze meanders up the canal through the rigging and masts. The burgees lay sleeping, awakened in the wind as God anoints the atmosphere surrounding Annapolis.

Dogs frolic in the sun, chasing twigs thrown in the water as nearby ducks lay sleeping. And children play stickball in the alleyways behind, echoing the joy of growing up in an era long gone. I turn my back to the memories of what once was and look away. Do I need to ask what happened to this beautiful colonial capital?

Flavor of the Charm 3
Photo by Dana Bicks LLC; City docks


Flavor of the Charm 2


Flavor of the Charm 4

Annapolis has great historical significance, but now architects are creating design buildings like disfigured boxes. The old charm that once existed is out the window. The old flare of early architectures has rotted away and roads rerouted. Nothing reminds me of the flavor of the charm of where I once lived. Memories of places are now left in my subconscious.

My heart sadly sinks like an old wooden skipjack beached on an oyster bed, left to weather its fate. I feel the chill as I bundle up guarding my heart against the homeland I once loved. The quaint charm is now abandoned by modernity. It lies in ruin inside the depths of souls, along with our forefathers that pushed the carts on its cobblestone streets.

Flavor of the Charm 5.png

Saying grace, I come to God to preserve my faint memories. Life was simpler, the pace was slower, and the grace of God was prevalent. Families of generations were born there – from Puritans and Baptists, to marriages in the little churches our forefathers stood before in 1708. Annapolis, once called the “Athens of America”, possesses more original 18th century structures still standing than any other city in the United States. God bless my home!

Flavor of the Charm 6

Prayers 101

Prayers 101 cover

I’m standing in the middle of the field, halfway from where I started and halfway toward my future. Looking up, it seems like there is four thousand people. My heart sinks. As I intently observe, I wonder what they are thinking? Are they or are they not praying? It could be they are only here physically, but not mentally. I’m not sure at this point.

So I begin with, “Good morning!” It’s dead silent.

OK, let’s try this again, but louder. “GOOD MORNING!”

If only 50% of the people replying to my greeting was any indicator, then I guess this might be the problem, but I begin to talk anyway. “My first question is, who prays? Do you subconsciously pray, or do you reverently ask your Father in heaven for His advice and direction out loud? Do you only pray in church? Why? Hey! Why don’t we pray right here, in this beautiful atmosphere – outside in the bright sunshine?” The crowd, as a whole, was perplexed by my invitation.

I spoke, “Let’s bow our heads, shall we? Heavenly Father, we thank you for the wonderful bright sunshine. Thank you to those who came to share in this occasion. If I can only reach out and touch just one person today Father, then I have succeeded and I pray to please You. Amen.”

People looked at me as if I had two heads, but I had to find out how they prayed. So, I came up with a simple idea. I asked, “How many of you are married?” Most raised their hands but still doubting my intentions.

My next question stumped them. “Of the married people here, how many of you spoke your vows subconsciously instead of out loud to one another?” No one raised their hand.

So I continued, “Why did you share your vows on that special day with God verbally, but you can’t pray the same? And speaking of a church, what if you tied the knot at home or possibly at sea on a yacht? Maybe a garden was your favorite spot? My point is when you pray, you are speaking to a God that loves you deeply and He wants to hear what you have to say. You don’t have to sound spiritual – just talk to him as a friend! Share your personal life and thoughts with him for He continuously listens to you. If we pray aloud with others, it will strengthen not just you but all that have gathered.

Prayers 101 Matt 18,20

But, understand when you can’t find the words to speak, the Holy Spirit knows what you think and need, and speaks to God for us.

Prayers 101, Romans 8

God is omnipresent-–you have to believe. But, if you don’t believe in prayer, then you only get out what you put in. God put us here for a purpose, and if you don’t know yours, you will soon.”

I closed my speech with, “Go in peace and with God in your heart. Amen.”

People ushered out, and those that clapped were about the same that responded when I said, “Good Morning”. This proves my point. You only receive what you bring to God in prayer.

Facing East

Obscure details of facing east and swans….

Facing East cover

Straining to see into the depths of the tall trees, the trunks somberly stood alone. I wondered if evil lied under the fallen leaves and decomposed twigs. Even the heavens were shaded in the dark by the bark as branches lurched toward me. Fearing the worst, I turned my back toward the dark and prayed as another sun poised on the horizon. My God, my God! Where is the respect in mankind?

I found my place as though I was in an arena. The first act was about to begin. The curtains drew up on the stage and lights glowed. It was inconceivable to me, a horizontal stage could ever look so beautiful. I impatiently waited. I wondered how many more suns God would permit me to enjoy before it’s my turn. The world was flat as far as the eye could see, but I remained optimistic that He would protect His chosen forever. I sat alone and watched, wondering, and waiting…

Not a sound did I make for I could wake the earth. I waited on the heavens to prevail as though the world remained still. Was this Jesus’s second coming? Maybe it was time, so I prayed. Sitting in His awesomeness, I clutched my soul. I knew my Father from above was present. The rays from heaven shone in my direction. Accepting the inevitable—it was too late to prepare. I called your name to share in the phenomena but you couldn’t hear me. So, I rose to the occasion and stood still yet not a sound, nor a ripple came from the water’s below.

In all the holiness of dawn, I asked God if it was time, yet the silence persisted. A gentle hint of something in the air invaded the chemistry. Then a wedge of swans took off from around the point and mallards scattered from the noise. A cool sweat erupted from within. I guess I was wrong – it wasn’t today!

From this day forward, I remain vigilant, facing east, for I know God’s Son is not far from making a grand entrance. His perfect stage is right here beneath my feet and I never knew it until now.



Upon reading this beautiful piece, I did some religious research on the direction of facing east and swans. The author, Dana, and I was surprised to find out the following information after he wrote it. Seemingly obscure details can teach us something.


The Significance of Facing East and Swans

Tombstones are often placed facing east to see the past and present. You will see God coming at the rapture. If you want to move onward to heaven, you must travel westward now, towards a future with God. The east is the source of blessings and divine salvation only on earth.



Christian churches were built with their entrances facing west so that worshipers faced east during the services as they looked toward the altar.

The Garden of Eden from Genesis was entered into from the east, facing west. People exited west, facing the east.

In Matthew 24:27, Jesus details what happens in His Second Coming.

Facing East bible verse


Clergy members are buried facing west. An educated guess signifies that when the dead are risen, clergy will rise facing their congregations, ready to lead their people once again.


The symbolism of swans signifies spiritual devotion and the presence of angels. They give you wisdom and guidance you need at the moment.

Facing East swan

The swan acts as a messenger of faith.

The swan symbolizes the end of one’s life.


….and Are You Called To Shepherd Others?

Shepherding cover

I awoke in a hotel of rooms stacked one on top of another. Reminiscing about the previous evening with friends, a thought comes to mind in the bright morning light. God blesses our relationships we honor. Friends are valued like Mom’s fine China she’d use on Sunday. Taken out of a hutch, like a trophy from a shelf, you hold this connection delicately for there’s nothing else like it. We look at each other and wonder why life sent us different directions yet we’re still allowed to share our experiences as we retire from life’s ventures. God rounds out our personalities because He somehow understands the importance of camaraderie.

Some though merely exist, alone and separated from the love of others. Late in life, when we need each other the most, some wake with their lives closed out from their souls. You can’t help but wonder where God is in their world. Painting a way to find Jesus, our mornings are brighter when we live in prayer.

Returning to my roots, I look for spirits to connect to once again. Many are more interested in appearances and status than acquaintances. I feel the absence of strength as I walk about in the misty harbor. So, I ask God how I can shepherd those too busy with their self-absorbing destinies. They’re not aware that He is the tour guide carrying their spirits. Many are too wrapped up in material gifts to justify their tranquility which exists only because of God. At the end of the day when goodbyes are made, we walked away with our heads held high. I know, in some small way, I gave my heart to the good of mankind…. shepherding His name.

Shepherding 2


Are You Called To Shepherd Others?

  • A Christian leader must pick up the towel and serve others. He/She is a constant guide of encouragement to their flocks – a caretaker, if you will. Much time and energy may be spent “herding the sheep”, sacrificing every waking moment.
  • A Christian must lead their sheep to the greener pastures of God’s word. Sometimes, this may mean becoming personally involved in other’s lives, ensuring that all are “fed”—and fed well. Discipleship and sharing every day are key characteristics of a shepherd.
  • A Christian leader should remove fear from others and strive to resolve conflicts. They will not hesitate to confront others about things in their life that need to be removed. Using a “rod and a staff”, they fend off evil and rescue the good sheep by helping them get through the rough spots of life.
  • A strong Christian follows the Lord as well. Our leadership is only successful if we are leading people in the path of Christ.


Shepherding 3

Choices of Fate

We must notice that life encompasses facts of fate and we should turn the control over to God.


Choice of Fate cover

Tonight in the quiet, I rock in my recliner and listen to the lightning. The lights dim, so I light a candle or two and enjoy the ambiance of shadows dancing upon the walls. Today is a landmark of sorts. I realize God has his hands in directing my life. I think about fate and how it controls the storms we face. My pastor, bless his heart, once preached on the miracle of God reaching out to save us from the inevitable in life.

Looking back at times of strife, grief seemed to take control but now I realize I was being prepared by God. I held on to my faith and gave my life to Christ even though doubt clouded my soul. Life is sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but rejoice always follows reject in the dictionary. We must notice that life encompasses facts of fate and we should turn the control over to God.

Choice of Fate 2


Faced with adversity, storm clouds brew, the winds blow, challenges present themselves, and we ask – which way do I go? To God, of course, for the outcome of perils in life are predestined, based on the decisions we make according to our guide–the Bible. It helps us make wise decisions and keeps us on an obedient path versus one of unwanted consequences.

Storm clouds may separate as we travel onward in life, along with hail to the north and tornados to the south. Press on though, for our ventures are controlled by the Lord. He blesses our paths as we follow our soul.

As for myself, I know doubt might show its ugly face, but the sun shines despite myself. God is watching over me. Afraid of my own inhibitions, all I have is my faith and the belief He offers us forgiveness for unwise choices.

No roadmap can predict our destination but it helps bring us back to the path God wants us to be on — if we’re receptive to it. We will ultimately go home to God’s grace where He makes a table of harmony. Love, shared from the heights of heaven, will congregate around us…. despite our choices of fate.


Acts of Kindness

….He asks so little of His children but to just give.

Acts of Kindness cover

Today in the crisp winter air, the sun shone with vibrant rays over the earth. I felt the warmth as our hearts plateaued to another plain. Love, today, flowed from the Holy Spirit as He showed His immeasurable love, yet again.

I leaned up against the fender of my wife’s car and as she backed out, she wore a huge smile on her face. Crossing my arms, I felt the love as she drove off. God was with her…. anointing her dreams. The warmth of the sun penetrated our hearts together and a calming sensation crept along my body. It’s times such as that, I realize God is nearer to the everyday humdrum of life. I pause as He blesses our actions, always remembering He is in control.

Driving home from work, I thanked God for His miracles that persistently come to us. Pulling into a tollbooth, the car ahead paid my toll. Was this a message? Humbled, I told the attendant to use my money for those behind me. I wondered…. was God using us to witness His love in action? It is awesome to know He asks so little of His children but to just give.

As the sun set behind us, God’s anointing was clear. It was three vehicles in tandem and perhaps a dear, sweet lady in a tollbooth who may have not understood how God works in her life. There was no contact or a sound of the horn to thank one another–just random acts of kindness.

Day after day, God gives us opportunities to show who we truly are to others. We are instructed to share and pass on His love for positive changes. One act of kindness can transform a person’s day or even their life. There is always a great power in His name.

Acts of Kindness 2