Month of August: Memorable Blog

God Cries With Us

Watching the weather through my windshield, the rain streams like tears on my cheek. The sky has turned a sad color of solitude.
I listen to the rain as it dances on my rooftop…. and God cries with us.

As the branches seem somber, hanging with His pain, their poised reverently in the afternoon’s pouring rain. Could we ever imagine the sorrow our Father feels? No, we can’t; His innocent children were shamelessly suffering in Satan’s power.
But now I see…. God cries with us.

Our stars hover low and the stripes of red again represent more than just Old Glory. Our National Anthem now stands for a different definition.
Reverently our hearts are one. Harmonizing our battle cry we will never salute those who sit and do nothing….as God cries with us.

His nation weeps in solidarity and the heavens reign. We bury the innocent as angels come to take them home. I feel for those who’ve lost, abruptly, There’s nowhere safe anymore.
We must unite….as our God cries with us.

I see the tears of many lives that will never be the same and biased comments that drive the pain even deeper. God will help us all to try to recover from this history.
Knowing times like these…. even God cries with us.