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This page is an open forum. Feel free to ask questions and make comments to your heart’s content!  It is a dedicated page to announcements and the latest news in my writing world.  All topics are open for discussion here so don’t be shy readers…….let’s have fun and talk!

If I could explain the lesson of life, it would be summed up in one word, “Miracle”. Everyday we pray for, wait on, and live for…. but some do not believe. Some could never imagine that God can honestly touch a living being. Well guess no more! My messages derive from what God sends me. I never know when I’ll get my next thought or message.

Born dyslexic, with little English skills or formal college education, there’s only one answer to this phenomenon – God, of course. Non-believers would disagree, but I ask – explain why a left hander writes everything with the opposing hand??  With zero computer skills, my messages are pecked on my phone and then sent off to be edited.

Knowing only God anoints, I continue to spread the word.  We all are gifted by our Holy, if you just let Him enter into your soul!


(updated weekly)

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