The Color Of Love

….and The Biblical Meaning Of Colors. Enjoy The Music Of Billy Ocean’s The Colour of Love


Though love is thought of in many shades, no one can depict the actual color. From the beginning of time, dawn awakes; I watch in awe of its spectacular wonder. Is that the color of love?

The day progresses and I look at the shades of blue in the sky. Oddly, no one has ever painted that same hue but do we love the color. Is that, in fact, the color of love?

In the culmination of day, the lazy sun sets over the pristine waters. Humbly we sit and watch the shades, different though from dawn’s early light. Holding hands on a park bench, reverently we kiss goodnight, and there the sun slips off into another horizon. Is this the color of love?

It’s a beautiful thought to depict a color that resembles love…perhaps in the peace of a forest as a mother feeds her fawn or an orchid of flowers living in harmony. Or is it that soulmate that finds their way back? And moreover, what if it’s a gift from God you hold in your hands that fills your heart as you share it with thousands?

The Color of Love

Love…an indescribable flavor, an aphrodisiac to your spirit that only God controls. But to come up with a color, is it the hint you receive from another’s world as they let you in? Does the color come from the tints of earth? Or the oceans resting on its sandy shores? Or from the heavens high above, now coming to a close as they too are resting in shades of pastels? That moment when life below and above greets the present. If it’s only for a minute or so in time, the color of love is unequal.

Saying a prayer, it’s only our Father in heaven that could bring this all together; the romance of the sun and the moon that dance together. A million miles apart, they restore our faith for tomorrow looks promising from where I stand. I pray your color of love outweighs the world and all its foes for nothing could compare to God’s gracious color of love……


Biblical Meaning of Colors


Red:  Wisdom and energy

Orange:  Creativity and the ability to enjoy oneself

Yellow:  Brilliance of wisdom and thoughts

Green:  The ability to give and receive love

Blue:  Ability to communicate with purity

Indigo:  Ability to see the unseen on the spiritual level

Violet:  Human consciousness connects with the Divine or spiritual consciousness


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The Gull

….and Fun Biblical Facts About Birds

The Gull 3

Psalm 50:11-12

I know every bird on the mountains, and all the animals of the field are mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell you, for all the world is mine and everything in it.

The Gull 5

In the early morn’, I sit on the bench and watch as the fog burns off. And as it lifts, my eyes are opening as if for the very first time. Surrounded by a gray haze in the cool dew of the early morning, the blue heavens begin to poke through.

Sea gulls fly about fishing for their morning meal. What a heavenly, gentle wind stirring for their flight as their fish hide in the cat paws! Surprisingly, one has decided to land and nest right here on the bench beside me. He and I, now eye to eye, meet. Good morning, I say. He shook his head and spread his wings. Hmmm…do I dare move a muscle and disturb him as he’s resting? Now focused on the gull accompanying me, the blue and lifting fog merely becomes a back drop to the picture that is sitting beside me.

As we all do in our times of tranquility, we tend to talk to God’s animals as they venture too close. This one is different though. I moved a little but he stayed. I turned my head and he looked my way. This is incredible, I thought to myself. I held my hand out….surely that should do it. But the gull didn’t budge!

As his friends fly above us, I know they’re watching too. Turning my body slightly toward him, he ruffles his feathers but still remains. Ok, I’m going to see if he’ll let me pet him – surely not – but maybe. With the precision of a surgeon’s hands, gently I reach over and very lightly rub his back. Can you believe he dropped his head and closed his eyes as if to say, “Thank you for that.” I did it again – and still he stays.

The Gull 4

His comfort is growing, his confidence prevailing. Respectfully, I pet him a time or two, again and again. And as he lets me continue, a bond is born. The fear is broken.

I look to the heavens and thank God for this moment. Nature and I are one, if only for a minute. I can’t help but consider, is that God reaching out to me? Did I just meet Him as I followed my conscience? Oh but I did….for no wild bird, on its own free will, would land and let a human hand touch him as I did!

Yup – I think God dropped by to pay me a visit today on this cool, foggy morning – just to say, “Hi” and to see how I was doing. I told Him I was okay through my touch on the gull. And from the bench, I watch as He takes off. He circles overhead as if to say, “Bless you, I’ll see you soon.”


The Gull 1

The Gull 2


Andrea Wansbury, author of “Birds Divine Messengers; Transform Your Life with their Guidance and Wisdom” writes, “Each bird acts as a messenger for God by bringing to us its own individual message at a time when we most need to hear guidance. These messages are words of wisdom and advice, and they can help us to identify talents we are not using, or the negative beliefs and thought patterns that are holding us back. Once these messages are understood and applied to our lives, they can be a valuable source of direction as we progress on our spiritual journeys.”


Fun Biblical Facts About Birds


There are almost 300 verses in the Bible that refer to birds, predominantly in the Old Testament. God delivers spiritual messages through birds particularly sparrows.

The earliest known meaning of “bird” was young produced from eggs.

The original bird species of the bible still exist in Cairo, Egypt today.

The origin of the phrase, “A little bird told me,” can be found in Ecclesiastes 10:20

Birds offer spiritual lessons:
“Their glory shall fly away like a bird” (Hosea 9:11)

“The birds of the air have nests; … but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head” (Matthew 8:20)

The eagle was used to encourage hosts of Israel. “Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself. Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treas­ure unto me above all people” (Exodus 19: 4-5).

The sparrow is used to emphasize God’s love for His people.

The Gull 6

The longest list of birds in any one chapter of the Bible is found in Leviticus 11 where the mention of “unclean birds” comes to light. Such species include owls, ravens, the osprey, herons, eagles, buzzards, and hawks.

When Jesus was crucified on the cross, Abraham had to beat vultures. Vile birds are the Bible’s symbol of demons.

The peacock symbolizes immortality. (Job 39:13)

The blackbird represents the darkness of sin (black feathers) and the temptations of the flesh.

The dove is the symbol of the Holy Ghost, as well as representing peace and purity. (Song of Solomon 2:14) and (Luke 3:22)

The wild falcon symbolizes evil thoughts or actions.

The Gull 7

The goldfinch frequently appears in pictures of the Christ Child. Because of this small bird’s fondness for thistles and thorns, it has come to represent the Passion of Our Lord.
The rooster is the symbol of the soul’s awakening and response to God’s grace. (Matthew 26:34)

The swallow represents the Incarnation.

The woodpecker usually symbolizes the Devil. It undermines faith and leads man to destruction.

The robin protected Christ from the sparks of a fire, which he caught on his breast, while the Holy Family rested on their flight into Egypt.

The eagle is a symbol of the Resurrection based on an ancient belief that the eagle would renew its youth and plumage by flying near the sun and then plunging into water. (Psalm 102: 5)

The raven symbolized the devil but also solitude. (Genesis 8:7)

Bird wings symbolize both the spiritual covering of God’s care for people and the freedom people gain from spiritual growth.


Seen God Lately?

and Signs of God’s Presence In Your Life….

Seen God Lately 3

In our furious world, we are all set to deadline some thing or somewhere. There’s little time to stop and think about much more than work and family. But my burning question arises, have you ever seen God or felt his presence?  I bet you have and never realized it!

Watching the forecast, you begin to wonder….the winds swirl and rain comes at you with blunt force. Hunker down to protect yourself! Brutal weather is nothing compared to the imagination of Satan. You must realize he will take any opportunity to reign. It seems that gloomy gray and having a bad day coincides in some way. Your disposition and your attitude do seem to parallel with the oncoming shades of gray.

For hours, or maybe even days, we find our souls hibernating as the weary weather penetrates our bones. Then one afternoon the clouds subside and horizontal lines of blue break through. Your heart smiles at last! God has shed His grace over what was once a reign of terror. He calms the weather as if laying His hands upon the stormy seas. Sighing deeply, we now feel His ever-presence knowing only our Father in heaven could bring us this peace.


“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Jeremiah 29:13


Relaxed in these moments of peace, we grab something refreshing and step outside. Here in His sanctuary, you see His hands raise the sad, droopy flowers from Satan’s reign. Even the birds come out to frolic at the feeder.

Oh yes, God is more present than you’ll ever know. Noticing the swirling winds, you wish you were on His pristine waters sailing out to another port. Lord, what an awesome feeling to know you are right here beside us as we tack! Especially when we need Him the most.

Seen God Lately 2

If you feel God is trying to tell you something, consider He is preparing you for a greater in the future. Embrace it…look closely at it and don’t wish it away. Pray for His divine wisdom in your life.


Seen God Lately 1

Signs of God’s Presence In Your Life


Is God talking and you’re not listening or are you not familiar with His messages in your life?  Here are some eye-opening signs that God is speaking and you must pay attention:

God will use people to send you messages. Interested in pursuing something but you’re uncertain? If ordained by God, natural events will begin to occur that gives you the extra push to run with it. Particular people will come to you with encouraging words or information that you need to move into the right direction. People are not placed in your life by accident.

Ever seen a message in the sky by the clouds? Or by birds or butterflies? Allow me to share a personal experience with you. My editor was recently sitting on the back porch and a WILD bird flew down to within two feet of her and began chirping. Thinking they wanted some food, she threw bread onto the ground for them but they didn’t come down to eat it. When she went back to her computer, one of my writings was waiting for her and it turned out to be one of my most popular pieces. Not only that, this piece mentioned birds in it!

Financially broke but money appears “out of nowhere”? Not a stroke of luck….coincidences are from God!

Have you ever been in or saw a death-defying accident but walked out alive? Was there someone mysteriously there that helped but later disappeared when an ambulance arrived on the scene? God’s angels, my friends.

Ever had an uncomfortable feeling or a feeling like you shouldn’t be doing something? God will never lead us to do something that is wrong. There is a sign to find in the turmoil.

Dreams will be very vivid when they are a message from God.


“My sheep know my voice.” (John 10:27)


Countdown to Christmas



To My Friends and Followers:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that during this 2017 Holiday Season, I will be sharing with you some of my earlier (2013-2015) Christmas writings that have never been publicly released!  

Also included – interesting and fun facts I bet you never knew about Christmas, as well as a few of my children’s poems written for this wonderful time of the year.

Read each posting while enjoying the sounds of the season too!


This will be my most joyous of Christmases for me and I can’t wait to share it with you! The fun begins November 25th and it will continue each day ‘till Christmas.


Counting down to the Christmas fun!



Messages From Above

God is calling….not just me but all those who sit quietly and wait on Him…


A Message from God 1

Resting in the shade on a beautiful cool, crisp afternoon, I’m in between responsibilities. My love for life grows like the spring flowers on my porch. Nothing compares to gifts from God! The hummingbirds have flown south due to the encroaching season. This is a most beautiful time of the year. God above all, turns His harvest to many shades of amber and gold. Every tree is a different shade; I sit in amazement of all his splendid wonders. What an awesome Father we serve!

God protect and save the child that tries to live by your Holy Words from heaven.

I hear the bells that praise Your name and Christ, on High, delivers us from evil. A peace comes to calm the quiet and remaining still, I drift off like a fawn wandering in a meadow. Though my body may be old and tired, my soul rejuvenates by Your spirit. So I try to put into words that which is expressed from the mountaintops. God is calling….not just me but all those who sit quietly and wait on Him. It’s a wonderful feeling to have His spirit penetrate my tomorrows!


Isaiah 40:31

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.


Casting the seed to the winds as though the sparrows will nurture, God shall bring them wisdom for they know not which way to fly. He is our only direction. Keeping us near His bosom, we desire those dreams of our heart.

I pray for every person that my writings touch you in some way. May they help pave your pathway to our Father. For it is He which saves the weary, cleanses the heart and strengthens the spirit on a cool, crisp afternoon such as this.

A Message from God 2

It’s a miraculous feeling to be a mere servant….to hand carry this message from God. We all need to hear it – it’s the first and every lasting word from above.

Where’s The Mentors??

“Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


Lying on tWhere's The Mentors 1he living room floor with my coloring book and crayons scattered about, I watched the infamous Mighty Mouse on TV. Though it was only cartoons, the message instilled was a foundation to the rest of my life. The Three Stooges was very entertaining but later I would read the caution signs, “Don’t try these things at home.”


Growing up with Hollywood and the silver screen, we intently watched our favorite programs. We became attracted to the John Wayne’s of our time capsule. When Vietnam broke out, G.I. Joe was kid’s best friend (Hasbro made a fortune, didn’t theyWhere's The Mentors 2?) but the bloodshed toyed in our life’s hardships. So, we ultimately found actors to admire instead. The good guys! Life was simpler when the media wasn’t at everybody’s door step spreading gossip about Who’s Who in their columns.


The greatest part of our younger years was following those of Christian backgrounds. They, too, looked up to others who also devoted their lives to the Lord.

Where's The Mentors 8


We had great sportsmen with integrity too – Boog Powell, Jackie Robinson and Willie Schumacher, to just name a few. Nonetheless, with pride for our heritage, we looked up to them as thoughWhere's The Mentors 4 they were related to Washington, Jackson, and even Francis Scott Key, a Brit, who loved what our flag stood for. They were the founding fathers, the mentors of our great grandparent’s generation; believers in Christ whose values and morals meant more than money.


Hebrews 13:7

Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith.


Now, in stark contrast, the children of today wildly waves intergalactic weapons as their mentors do on the TV and movie screen. Their message to save the world is now about “taking someone out.” Riot gear has become the fashion, a presence of destruction….evolution at work. And as history dictates, these “biblical times” display our kids burning down the cities to prove their strength. Archeologists today will spend a lifetime trying to recover the forgotten history.

Where's The Mentors 5


Patrons stand in awe as our children’s mentors kneel in the presence of God to rebuke everything our heritage stands for.

Where's The Mentors 6


Sadly, life is now changing drastically and not for the good. These mentors, rebellions to our way of life, show little respect for our heritage. Their lack of faith in God are NOT examples to young followers. My first thought is, “very little pride”….

God, our Father, has blessed us with peace and grace. He, my friends, is the greatest mentor of all! Maybe it’s time to look up to Him and follow His Holy Word concerning how we are to raise our new generations. Don’t let our confused children be led astray by bad mentors. Give them the greatest gift of life…..God!

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Where's The Mentors 7