The Mayflower of Our Holiday

A Dedication to My Mother and My Wife…..

The Mayflower Of Our Holiday

I sit here in the early light, amongst the glitter and gold, only to ask God, “Why do we endure so many years of pain before peace and joy comes along?” Aromas resonate throughout the kitchen. Memories spill of childhood when Mom would begin to bake days before Thursday. Mesmerized, I stare off into the twinkling lights on the mantel….they shine on my spirit. I can hear Mom calling, “Come give me a hand.” Dad had gone to work so it was just mom and I there.

It was too cold to play outside and friends had left to spend Thanksgiving with their grandparents. We stayed home waiting on relatives to arrive from Connecticut. Cousins came to enjoy the fellowship and get caught up on the years past. Dad drove to Baltimore to pick up Grams from the nursing home. But that was then, young and innocent, and now I’m old and memories make me complacent.

So I hold my bride, who has rejuvenated my soul, and I smell her scalp as she leans against my forehead. I feel her warmth as it penetrates from the fire below. My mind shifts into warp drive, light years away from childhood now. The gray filters in, as the birthdates and cholesterol are on the rise.

Nonetheless, I miss my mother. I think she would have just adored you! I hope now, she’s staring down, watching us. She would smile while you run to grab something boiling on the stove. The holidays are filled with such fond memories…. of growing up, then the voids of disappointments. But that’s over now. It’s just me and you, as we start anew. I love you – you know?

The Mayflower Of Our Holiday 2

Editor’s Note:

Dear Lord,

On this Thanksgiving, I want to thank you for bringing my husband, Dana Bicks, to me.  Thank you for giving us the courage to commit to marriage!  I learn from him every day and I love seeking new adventures with him.  I pray for his heart, especially today.  May your Holy Spirit draw him ever closer to you, transform him, lead him as he leads myself and all our readers.  Make him strong and wise to your likeness, Lord.  Let him rise from the mistakes of the past and soar above all other broken wings.  I believe he is a gift that you have graciously given us all!  

God bless my wonderful husband and all his good deeds!  Thank you….


   ~~~~Anne Bicks

Breaking Bread

From Our Home To Yours…Happy Thanksgiving!

Breaking Bread 1


It’s early morning and I can smell the aroma of pumpkin and turkey while walking into the kitchen. Cooling down on the counter, were loaves of bread as the beginning of the season is now upon us. It’s time to give thanks to all those who made this year a little easier for us; for dear friends and family; and more importantly, for our multitude of blessings from our Lord above.

The shorts and t-shirts has turned to football and wrapping gifts. The trees have lost their summer foliage and the wet, black bark stand somberly, against shades of gray. The embers in the fireplace are still aglow from the night before. The house has now turned into a winter wonderland.

Starting the day off right, we sip our coffee in bed along with the morning news and the joyful Thanksgiving parades. Later, I watch you scurry about the kitchen donning an old-fashioned apron. The family will all be here soon!

Getting ready to share the season…. it’s my favorite time of the year! The bread has risen, moist and golden brown; perfect for a holiday tradition. I lovingly watch you focus on perfection. Cradling the loaves onto an empty shelf, you close the refrigerator door and when turning to your right, a smile suddenly appears across your face. “Jesus is in our kitchen!”

Breaking Bread 2

Gasping in His glory, you turn to the counter to reach for the last loaf. Gently, you hand it to Him and then pull out a chair. He smiles and reclines, gesturing me to do the same. Together, we break bread and sip the wine from our crystal goblets. How blessed we are for this communion of three!

Never issuing a word, Jesus came calling on this holiday. The brightest of bright! He shined at our table – the sacrament of life. And as He came, so He left; only a broken twig lay upon the table where we had broken bread. I watch the tears stream down your face as you take His napkin and wipe your cheek. In heaven smiling, He hath made a place now after watching you; preparing…. there too, your day will come.

The table now set in silver and gold, the charger plates wait, a centerpiece of holly and pinecones remind us of where they came from. I lit the candles as the doorbell rings bringing in the full swing of the holidays. Watching you smile from ear to ear, you carry out an extra chair from the bedroom and hand it to me. You greet the kids with a great big smile…. and a huge hug as well!!!! What a wonderful way to start our Thanksgiving!!


Breaking Bread 3

The Frozen Flowers

This wonderful God we serve, has planted a garden in us all.

The Frozen Flowers 3


The warmth of the mornings sitting outside are over. The flowers that brought us such joy, is now frozen in time. But a candle continues to burn as my love for you will never die. Cuddled in the house, sipping my warm brew, I thank God for our new life. He made our dreams come true. The holidays, fast approaching, will be like none other! My spirit fills the room as I anxiously await for the holidays to begin. Being accompanied by you, is the greatest gift God could send me….my heart just smiles as I look out at the frozen flowers.

The Frozen Flowers 2

As most grow older and settle for a habitual routine, you and I are about to dance on the roulette Wheel of Fortune. Our lives, so full of joy and blessings, God has anointed our love for one another. Together, our mission is to give that, which only comes from the Holy Spirit, to every last person on Earth. Washing away the demons of yesterday, I look at you across the room. As the sun’s rays filter on your face, I realize, now, that the hell we went through was worth it all. God has honored us for being faithful to Him. He has ignited our hearts into the greatest love story ever written!

Dreams – the impossible thoughts – do come true! Some, you would never believe possible. But through prayer, I confirm that all things are obtainable through our Heavenly Father. And when you talk about riches, it’s not money. It’s the immense security of God depositing His grace into the voids of the disheartened.

The Frozen Flowers 4

Keeping the faith, knowing God gives you unconditional love, stay in prayer and let Him control. We are not powerful enough to move the world although we can all paddle to help it turn. Grab an oar! Lend your soul to where God guides you conscience!

My heart is so content as the sun burns away the pain of long ago. And though our frozen flowers may wilt in the coming days, our hearts will still blossom like a summer shower. Love only grows if you water it.

My dear friends, allow my love for our friendships to spill over into your holidays! I pray for our Father to anoint everyone’s soul with the spirit of love and not contain our hearts’ determination. This wonderful God we serve, has planted a garden in us all. We discover, later in life, how to nurture the spirit that keeps our flowers from freezing.

The Frozen Flowers

A Silent Voice

With God’s hands lying over top of his, dyslexia has come as his greatest gift….the gift of creativity. An emotionally-charged, true story…..

Little boy learning to write alphabet on white board

He listened to the adolescents innocently frolicking beyond the school. The merry-go-round is full of petticoats and saddle shoes, as very young men in dungarees and penny loafers fair the propulsion. Life was grand back then – hide and seek, dodge ball, and tag….except for the little child who remained on the school steps writing in his loose-leaf notebook. Tear drops fell where the pages filled up with dreams – sketches of boats and homes. A little child, reserved in dialog, smiled at the others as he drew a world others had never seen.

Parked on the hard concrete steps, weathering-in a t-shirt, shorts and Keds, sat this little butterball of an overweight kid. Drawing his life away, believing in his brothers, “Boy’s Life” magazines, he dreamt that someday he’d find his way to those pristine places.

A door opened and a teacher kicked him from behind. “Let’s go!”, she said as she blew her whistle. “It’s time for class. Lunch and recess is over.” So as not to be stampeded, he slid to the side and grabbed ahold of a rail, hoping the herd of classmates didn’t trammel his dreams. Last in class, he pulled his chair up to the front by the teachers desk. The class unmercifully laughed him.

A Silent Voice 3

But in his world, time didn’t matter – just the joy of living somewhere else other than at a dirty desk of pencils and crayons. Trying to comprehend as a little child, the shortest in class wandered off in the middle of arithmetic. He took up space until the pre-dismissal bell rang. Finally! Another day of being made fun of had come to an end! So, he walked home with Peter, his next door neighbor.

And as the night drew near, the portable black and white waved it’s tinfoil rabbit ears. It was time to stick his nose back into the books of things he couldn’t remember. His little school desk at home sat in front of the window. He stared out into the dark and tried to count the lightning bugs. His mom would blurt out, “Okay, let’s go over your spelling words.” So he bluffed his way as though he had studied but there was no use….letters were reversed. Another night. In the tub, then saying prayers by 8:30. If only his father, who didn’t live with him, was there! He prayed so hard to him.


No one knows the artistic mind of childhood dreams, especially when many things in life are incomprehensible. Dyslexics only observe their life like a race. Their peers succeed, leaving them behind to only dream and think, “Why can’t I be as lucky as them?” But our God above knows, like a mother’s love, when one is so distraught. Where discipline was physical abuse, the frustrations would then grow as his living became more difficult.

Looking to the heavens today, where only answered prayers are sent, we see this little child again, struggling to do another mission – God’s work. We now listen to the innocence of a silent voice – one that brings home the memories of messages of long ago. For no one could ever imagine that that little child, today, would ever become an author! No one – not even him!

A Silent Voice 4

You have just read an emotionally-charged, true story written and lived through the eyes of its “author”, Dana S. Bicks. Though it was very difficult for him to recall and write these early moments of his life, his message can be read loud and clear – NOTHING IS UNATTAINABLE! With God’s hands lying over top of his, dyslexia has come as his greatest gift….the gift of creativity.

Exodus 4:10-12

But Moses pleaded with the Lord, “O Lord, I’m not very good with words. I never have been, and I’m not now, even though you have spoken to me. I get tongue-tied, and my words get tangled.” Then the Lord asked Moses, “Who makes a person’s mouth? Who decides whether people speak or do not speak, hear or do not hear, see or do not see? Is it not I, the Lord? Now go! I will be with you as you speak, and I will instruct you in what to say.”




I do not profess to be in this medical field so my notes, here, will not dwell into the causes of learning disabilities. Rather, I prefer to expand your knowledge about the thought processes of adults with these types of handicaps.

Your chances of knowing someone with an LD are pretty good. Do not assume that learning disabilities are always a bad thing. For many individuals, an LD gives them a distinct advantage. Consider these facts:

  • People with dyslexia tend to be broad thinkers, and intuitive. They are a sign of character and strength when tackling every day’s problems.
  • Dyslexics are often said to possess exceptional creative skills and an ability to bring together ideas from different areas of their life – an original and out of the box thinker, if you will. (Excellent story tellers and writers, you think?)
  • Many individuals have the dual diagnosis of being both gifted and LD. Therefore, everyone stands to gain from their brilliant mind.


Do you or someone you know, suffer, as an adult, with learning disabilities? Here is a list of suggestions to overcome LD adult fears of success:

  • Work at a job that takes advantage of your strengths.
  • Get lots of physical exercise.
  • Identify people who, “say what they mean and mean what they say” and hang out with them as much as possible.
  • Find that special thing that you do extremely well and run with it!
  • A positive attitude makes a big difference.
  • Remember that you do not have to be perfect!
  • Work in an area with few distractions so as to remain focused on the job at hand.
  • Use books-on-tape and assistive technology, such as screen readers, voice-recognition computer software, and spell check features.

Above all, pray for God to bless you with all your capabilities! He does answer prayers! God uses the disabled for His glory. He allows some people to be disabled to show His awesome love for all of creation and to help us imitate His love.


Learning Disabilities and the Law:

Public Law 105-17, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997, is the federal special education law. IDEA was signed into law in June 1997, with final federal regulations published in March 1999. This law replaces all earlier versions of Public Law 94-142, the Education of All Handicapped Children Act of 1975.

In 2004, there was a reauthorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, where significant changes were made as to the identification of individuals with learning disabilities so that they can receive the needed educational services.

Bearing My Faith

….I will follow all the days I remain beneath the shroud, bearing my faith, where I’m protected.

Bearing My Faith 1

Walking as though to follow my prince, the footprints by the rejuvenated waves has once again returned to the annoying noise of things I forgot. All that remains are memories that fill my heart, as I sit alone waiting on my coffee. Smiles consume my spirit now. My yesteryears of illusions and nightmares now give way to answered prayers. Grateful to God, my life I owe to God’s never undying love for me. So, I come to the altar of time where all I can do is praise His name, bearing my faith.

Under a cloud of interpretation, my soul now climbs with determination. My strength to conquer the unforeseen comes to the forefront. It is He, my Lord in heaven, that shall help me up as now I am responsible for two.

Bearing My Faith 2

Love….no greater army shall defend my title. Though the sun may not always shine on our shoulders, God will always abundantly umbrella our hearts in stormy weather.

Tired, I travel with my cross to bear as the scars of life have left their mark. Now imperfect, I limp, carrying all the love I have to fight the demons which have tried to conquer my past. But God, our Father, has kept our boat from sinking. As we give Him the faith he so richly deserves, I recognize I’d be nothing less than a meal beneath the sea without His love.

Every day, I travel upstream to spawn my creativity….a gift I cannot return but rather share it with the world. God, again, has miraculously saved me! And in the clouds of the unforeseen, the GPS – my heavenly Father – I will follow all the days I remain beneath the shroud, bearing my faith, where I’m protected.  Amen.



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Drawn To The Sound

God has blessed me as I return, like a winter bird, to rejuvenate my heartfelt thoughts.



As the rhythm of life occurs, we find ourselves attracted to the tempo sound of different tunes. Some are great gospel songs we all know by heart, some are classical quartet ensembles; as many of my generation, the classic sounds of Motown soul rule but there are some that would rather listen to the country guitar strings.

Today, however, it’s a different kind of sound. I sit on the eleventh floor, taking a deep breath to inhale the salt air. I listen to the echo from the ocean roar. Though the waves are fierce at sea level, it’s a majestic view of white caps and the blue ocean that captures my imagination. Intently observing the oyster white sands that sprawl along the coastline, miles away there’s a peninsula and a tiny cove.


Proverbs 20:5
“The purposes of man’s heart are deep water, but a man of understanding draws them out.”


Drawn to the sound, people come from miles around to the fishing capital of the world. The simmering sands and the peace and quiet are reasons enough to enjoy this paradise. Pristinely unique to any place in the world, my life is complete as I listen to its sound.

Drawn To The Sound

Now the days are growing shorter and this sleepy place wakes a little later as the sun sets over the winter waters. We walk alone amongst the dunes and sea oats whispering in the northerly winds. The dormant shores have hibernated for the winter; no umbrellas nor lounge chairs, just a few terns and sea gulls reclaim what once was their own before the summer months.

God has blessed me as I return, like a winter bird, to rejuvenate my heartfelt thoughts. Lovingly, I have returned with you, my childhood sweetheart. We’ve missed so much throughout the years but God, now, has given us a second chance.

Drawn To The Sound 2

I’m here to give God my utmost thanks. I share my heart, praying for calmer waters. Drawn to the heavenly sound of waves and the wings on the winds, it’s a sanctuary where God’s love begins. I hold your hand, embracing your heart. It’s all I have….I give you my love.

Psalm 139:9-10

If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast.