For The Record…

….we never stop to wonder why and what is the reasoning.

Please copy and paste the link below to review this Christian table chart referred to in my blog below.  When this site opens, click on Bible FAQ. Under the alphabetical List,  click on WordCount.


Today, I find myself deep into chart-finding and it completely blows my mind. I wonder sometimes, why God leads me to be the one to go on these fact finding missions. Stumbling over the statistics I can’t help but ponder.

Unaware, as we so often take things for granted, we never stop to wonder why and what is the reasoning. We all know the story, “Away in The Manger” and the miracles that occurred that wondrous night. But between the Old Testament and the new, are statistics that are, well, hard to perceive. Did you know that Mother Mary is barely mentioned and is off the list of all the miracles? In my opinion, a miraculous conception is the greatest miracle of all!

All the biblical philosophers didn’t know Jesus was Lord. Did you know that His great name was never mentioned in the Old Testament? Comically, wisdom has little to do the writing of the Testaments.

Interestingly, the details of this chart are not flawed but we sometimes find them sketchy. It makes me wonder, what did they know? The writers of the bible were not the greatest for communication and news traveled slow. Mark, Matthew, Luke and John are just four recollections of many before the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 . Though the books are deflected by authors, the usage of words resonates in the stats . I welcome all to draw their own conclusions and respond…



Reflections in the Lily Pads

A special dedication to Kirk….

The sun peeks above the trees; it glistens in the creek between me and another shore. It’s a beautiful morning to contemplate on thoughts that run like a road map. Some roads I’ve traveled and some I’ve never seen. Standing in the middle of my meditating, God bears my aches and pains. Memories, like autumn leaves, fall around my body; I wander on repeatedly ….

Life is as delicate as the pristine mornings; I sit and watch life come alive. I feel the warmth of the morning glare that pierces where I love. God grant me the serenity where evil looms in the minds of many. I’d rather not be on a road where darkness resides. This is where God intends me to be – in a place to reflect on life; the maybe’s, hopes and disillusionments that make us stronger in faith every day. Last month was no exception….

A dear friend I lost in time, has found me – a reunion of enormous proportion! Memories of our childhood exhilarates a gift; God, somehow knew, life’s altercations would never sever the ties. Two boys that played from the time they could walk, found diversity in puberty. Now life turns a corner; for what was forgotten, is born again in the minds of two old men.

God grant us grace as hearts reunite for the first time in years; for what should have been the end, is really just the beginning. It’s now ‘our time’ to share and enjoy in our parents’ blessings.

Kirk and Dana

A Melancholy Morning

…more perfect union, a land enriched with loyalty and respect.

July 1st, 1776Melancholy AM (2)

Finally! A day of peace. The air is still carrying the charred remains of lumber from burnt ships. Some water-logged pieces and materials are washing ashore from those who gave their all. But, through the stench and haze, the sun is trying to warm the spirits.

Standing on the beach, thanking God for my salvation, I ask only Him, where do we go from here? Turning about, soldiers carry a makeshift cot with remnants of friends that didn’t make it. A tiny town is shattered in the night, what was the purpose?? Moral support gives little hope to the vow of the foes who fight for this country.

Fragments scatter the hearts of so many that appear doomed from the night before. My first thought is, “though I walk in the shadows of death“, faceless images tell the story. Tears in my eyes, I turn to watch the water as the sun sparkles on it. Blocking out the hell and the nightmares in my mind, nothing seems possible. Life, now, should start again.

Chaos creates such a racket, as riders are coming, bearing arms with messages. Old, white haired men now give up the ghost and carry their pride back to their home. The turmoil is horrendous – children are screaming, holding their sobbing mother’s hand, as yet a quartet marches so diligently. I ask our Father, where is the mercy? Why must the innocent be so inflicted? A musket washes up on the shore now.

There up on the hill, tattered and bearing bloodstains from the gallant, is standing the remains of the proud, waving the threads of red, white and blue. Freedom from England at last! Like lost sheep, we are setting out to form a more perfect union, a land enriched with loyalty and respect.

2017 –

The place, today, that we call home, could never imagine the famine and despair those before us bared. I love this place! It might not be perfect but it’s mine. My parents, their parents, and those before, as well, gave their all so I could sit here quietly enjoying my morning brew. I’m so damn proud to be the one who stands and says, I’ve seen five wars in my lifetime! to enjoy?

I salute every one of those who gave their time for this privilege!      Happy 4th!  Fireworks

Meet Me At State Circle

…only the Lord knew how we would react…. a true story

A brisk breeze invited the huge oaks to sway and the new little leaves fluttered as the morning sun evaporated last night’s rain. Three piece suits ushered in and out of the Capital where policies change with the swipe of a pen. I wasn’t here to tour or sit in on legislation.

I sat all alone on the retaining wall and watched the minute hand on the old movie theater clock. With baited breath, I straightened my collar, adjusted my sweater, and swept my hair in the right direction.

The crisp, cool breeze invited the sun as it made its way through the whispering leaves. With goosebumps, the seconds passed, and the minutes felt as though they were hours. The bell above rang in the steeple. It was high noon and I was scared to death! I wondered if she would recognize me or just walk on by. Was it me that should run and hide?

It had been thirty-two years since we laid eyes on one another and only the Lord knew how we would react when our eyes made contact. As pen pals, we posted notes and shared some pictures of ourselves, but, you never know if that’s “really you” after all those many years. I saw a blonde in the distance, walking my direction. “Could it be??”, I thought to myself, or was it just another pretty face. Nervous as an adolescent on his very first blind date, you were cordially late, which made me uncomfortable. I wondered if you would show.

Like a movie script, dressed to kill, with a smile that would light the world, you walked toward me. You looked like a college girl in your leggings, soft sweater, and a scarf that swayed as you walked. A mirage – maybe? Was it really you after all these years?? You haven’t changed. I jumped down off the wall as if to almost stand at attention. Your eyes sparkled and your teeth so white. You reach out to grab me like a long, lost friend. Embarrassingly, I felt your lonely heart, determined to see if there’s still a spark. I am amazed you’re still single! What any man, half my age, wouldn’t do to have you!

God is so awesome and fate may be the unwritten chapter in the Bible. Only He knew we’d meet, in May, on State Circle. The warm sun refreshes the dampness as life is revived from memories past. Only God could arrange such a reunion, as two hearts were once so close. I pushed you away to just stare into your face. I wiped away the years of tears and only wished for younger days.

Though God’s timing is unknown, soulmates are always on time. You see, we are never promised a matrimony where love is ordained to be on hold, but, somehow, it just felt right as I looked in her eyes and she stared into mine. Against all odds, I held you tight, as we walked the opposite direction, there on State Circle.

It’s true that hearts know no time and life starts over like spring after winter. So, I took your hand and began to patch up those lonely thoughts of us from years before. Only God allowed us to love as we prayed around State Circle ……

Life’s A Little Like A Quagmire

So life begins….as we two drove to the hospital knowing we would be three coming home.


So life begins…. I relate this to my son as we, two, drove to the hospital knowing we would be, three, coming home.  What an awesome thought, I said to myself.  Did I fasten the car seat correctly, as inexperienced as I was then.  Of course, there’s a schedule which is hard to keep – up all night!  I need to sleep!  I’ve got to go to work when morning arrives.

Buying clothes for a newborn isn’t a treat.  I want to brag about my baby boy and I darn sure don’t want him dressed in pink! Oh!  The problems you encounter as life begins; you’re passed from one to another to see which one can make you quit crying.

Months go by and you’re taught to talk.  “Mama” “Dada”. “NO!!” – that’s your first word.  Then you’re off, like Shepards’s first walk on the moon, only out of a microphone.  “NO!”, again, “don’t touch that…”!  What a life! An inquisitive little creature of God, destroyed by negativity that comes from a parent’s mouth.  Poor little guy tried and tried but freedom came at a dear price as direction follows after your loss.  I could so relate!  The altercations that proceeded left little to question.  To disobey was my only option, but, the penalties for perjury were contained in my pants.  As I was informed, “You won’t sit for a week!”  What a quagmire we must face! 

Time goes on and we try to grow up dealing with the problems of the twentieth century: POTC, (a class we must pass, if you want to graduate); sports, dates, and who to take to next week’s dance; the car needs gas; who’s lawn can I mow to make a couple of bucks;  my homework is late – “you need to buckle down,” Dad says.

Now – my new bride is pregnant and life repeats itself. Which grandmother gets to hold you first;  who’s house do we take you to; and the pressure mounts. Holidays, oh my, I’m so tired…. 

There in a wink of an eye, life is gone; you sit on your duff and wonder what in the world you’re gonna do now – a new horizon, another quagmire, social security…..need I say more??  Move to the South, maybe, ’cause nobody retires to the North.  But I guess I’ll stay out here in the West, where life is a beach, or so the sign says. 

The air refreshes with the passing storms and now my seat is wet.  I have to change! What must I wear?? Depends??  I thought I’d retire but my mind runs full steam ahead like an old locomotive.  The wheels are turning and I smell smoke!  Throw another log onto the fire – oh wait – that’s if you’re cold, another scenario, not for June.  Life is so darn complicated!  I can’t even decide which shoes to wear as my feet are wet from being outside!  Should I go inside??  Maybe I should. I don’t know!!….