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I’m standing in the middle of the field, halfway from where I started and halfway toward my future. Looking up, it seems like there are four thousand people. My heart sinks. As I intently observe, I wonder what they are thinking? Are they or are they not praying? It could be they are only here physically, but not mentally. I’m not sure at this point.

So I begin with, “Good morning!” It’s dead silent.

OK, let’s try this again, but louder. “GOOD MORNING!”

If only 50% of the people replying to my greeting was any indicator, then I guess this might be the problem, but I begin to talk anyway. “My first question is, who prays? Do you subconsciously pray, or do you reverently ask your Father in heaven for His advice and direction out loud? Do you only pray in church? Why? Hey! Why don’t we pray right here, in this beautiful atmosphere – outside in the bright sunshine?” The crowd, as a whole, was perplexed by my invitation.

I spoke, “Let’s bow our heads, shall we? Heavenly Father, we thank you for the wonderful bright sunshine. Thank you to those who came to share in this occasion. If I can only reach out and touch just one person today Father, then I have succeeded, and I pray to please You. Amen.”

People looked at me as if I had two heads, but I had to find out how they prayed. So, I came up with a simple idea. I asked, “How many of you are married?” Most raised their hands but still doubting my intentions.

My next question stumped them. “Of the married people here, how many of you spoke your vows subconsciously instead of out loud to one another?” No one raised their hand.

So I continued, “Why did you share your vows on that special day with God verbally, but you can’t pray the same? And speaking of a church, what if you tied the knot at home or possibly at sea on a yacht? Maybe a garden was your favorite spot? My point is when you pray, you are speaking to a God that loves you deeply, and He wants to hear what you have to say. You don’t have to sound spiritual – just talk to him as a friend! Share your personal life and thoughts with him for He continuously listens to you. If we pray aloud with others, it will strengthen not just you but all that have gathered.

Prayers 101 Matt 18,20

But, understand when you can’t find the words to speak, the Holy Spirit knows what you think and need, and speaks to God for us.

Prayers 101, Romans 8

God is omnipresent-–you have to believe. But, if you don’t believe in prayer, then you only get out what you put in. God put us here for a purpose, and if you don’t know yours, you will soon.”

I closed my speech with, “Go in peace and with God in your heart. Amen.”

People ushered out, and those that clapped were about the same that responded when I said, “Good Morning.” This proves my point. You only receive what you bring to God in prayer.


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My Sunday Prayer

My Sunday Prayer

My dear Lord, I sit outside long before dawn in the early moonlight; it crescents my heart. A wind of fresh air sweeps across my soul. Father, in heaven, anoint my intentions and be with me all my days on this earth. I come to You bearing my soul as my love of God grants my redemption.

Though my heart is weary, I must carry on. I’ve come to the edge of the forest where the sand and seas greet the woodlands. There, I will dwell in the house of the Lord, spreading thanksgiving to all those who receive Your word. I pray now, Almighty One, for strength to carry the crosses I must bear.

My Heavenly Host, I listen to your calling. I share with those less fortunate, the healing message on the table. I stand at your altar where the winds and seas have conquered. Praising your name, I alter my thinking. Though many may cast their nets in the wind to replenish, the serpent of the waters scares the catch from others who try to fish. Oh God, I pray for those who suffer! Take their pain away and give them comfort. Though I may be old, may I never be too set in my ways. My happiness comes as the dawn greets me. You, my Lord, blessed me with this day.

And in the quiet, I listen to the winds trying to predict what God has to offer; but the gales are unpredictable so, I guess I have to be patient. But my love endures, ever graciously thankful for the turns in the winding road. I, also, wandered too long, I propose.

It is only God who knows the length of this life we must conquer. I wait for my Angel of Dawn for she will greet my determination. Pressing onward into the wind, calmer waters will greet me as I master my direction….and, I will follow. God, the guider of all intentions, provide thee with thy love.