The Art of Aliases

inspired by a true story –

It’s a beautiful, cool and clear Tuesday morning and reverence is abounding. Everything is so still. The leaves hang in solitude as the flowers stand quietly at in observance. I sit and wonder, why do God’s creations try to deceive the very framework of which love is conceived?

God, our creator, did not make us something we are not. My heart saddens for those who believe living fictitiously will crown them glory. Does their world spin differently… like more in their favor? God is aware they are the same today as they were long ago except their integrity is exceedingly soured. Hiding from the truth will not grant them amnesty.

Walk away, ashamed of those who portray to be forthright. They linger in the night pretending to hide from reality. Aliases won’t change their identity even if hiding in a church choir or singing among the congregation.

Do we ever totally get to know those we are supposed to be so close to? I wonder… like boxes quietly sitting upon a shelf waiting, the truth well-hidden, will come out eventually. As though it was Christmas with surprises neatly wrapped, the facts are to be revealed.

God forgive the innocent, the ones of integrity that say, “I do”…. the one that gives their heart, committed to a vow that’s broken in the dark. So many disgruntled feelings blossom in the sun giving light to the problems, as skeletons hide behind the closet.

Not alone, it’s a sad fact the blame changes hands and followers remain confused from their intentions. Walking away, while waiting on an answer, it will all be in God’s timing. The clichés are too numerous to mention. Words spread like wildfire; the wrath is upon the guilty. Defending themselves, though not an option, God will protect those of innocent integrity.

How dare they take a name in vain, one who once vowed under God? They will only be persecuted by the destruction of their fame. Serenity bows through the valley as only God anoints the dearly beloved. But where’s the righteousness of men who seek to damage the weakened hearts? I sympathize with the involuntary souls raked across the cinders. Their mercy is short-changed but the rewards of those guilty will cost them dearly.

The sun has risen; it’s a new day and God anoints the born again. May we stay in prayer as we observe the maneuvers of many who think the laws are only for the meek. Convinced their lifestyle is permissible, acquaintances, in awe, stare from a distance. In despair, we ask if we can help them, but sadly the reply is, “No, I am fine”, unaware of the wake of harm behind them. And God sits quietly knowing – shaking his head. They are only creating their own hell to share before the feet of God.


The people we surround ourselves with either raise or lower our standards.  They either help us to become the-best-version-of-ourselves or encourage us to become lesser versions of ourselves.  We become like our friends.  No man becomes great on his own.  No woman becomes great on her own.  The people around them help to make them great.

We all need people in our lives who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose and challenge us to become the-best-version-of-ourselves.

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“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Exodus 20:16).

“Furthermore, liars will be among those judged in the end” (Revelation 21:8).

“Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight”  (Proverbs 12:22)

“Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment” (Proverbs 12:19)

“The righteous hates falsehood, but the wicked brings shame and disgrace” (Proverbs 13:5)

“Would not God discover this? For he knows the secrets of the heart” (Psalms 44:21)




When The Lies Haunt

….as things you trust are all but relinquishing

You lie in bed, night after night, and ask God to release you of this situation; your heart is no longer in it. So many questions – very few answered. As God seems to be ever present, you remain silent and in prayer. This is a time in your life when you wish you could put the earth in REVERSE. But you can’t….

You’re not guilty of a thing, just a need for answers. When questions become obscure and mysteries capture your intuitiveness; you can count the days; this relationship has stop_the_liesslammed into a dead end.

The metaphors are countless, so you go with your soul’s gut. You say, “I told you so” because trust, in its innocence, is first and the language we all bear. The ‘sorry’ never comes. “I’ll be damned if I’m wrong” seems to be the underlying tone. You watch their actions as you hope they are louder than what is spoken. But as metaphors go, silence is golden. Trying to stay strong, you repeat to yourself, “God’s got this”. The nights are long and lonely; the days are inscribed with the truth that lies in the shadows.

You watch their behavior as things you trust are all but relinquishing. The heavens are calling to be forthright as the night slips into the morning sun. Angels hover, but, to no avail as Satan never sleeps. The lies creep in like a flooded shoreline. So, you patiently sit with your arms folded, waiting for the tide to change.

God, I’ll wait for the truth to surface. Amen


The Exchange of Money

“I love you”, the English language as a bargaining tool

Today, I sit and re-read the memoirs of my life.  The pages are plagued with virtue.  Like reciting in a mirror, l hear the words I’ve often wondered about.  So many I know, use loosely, the English language as a bargaining tool.  Endearing words mean so little from behind the vocal cords…. “I love You”. This term of endearment is not hardly more than a form of  ‘currency’; a way to ‘buy your way in’.  Redundantly, it sours the hearts of many.

Looking back on my younger days and with desperation playing a part, I see now that “I love you” was going to cost me.  If I’d only understood that “I love you” was a form of currency!  Only now does it all come back to me as a friend explains, “she wanted your wallet”.

Connecting the dots of trials and tribulations, I see God was non-existent.  Money can’t buy love, though at times, those three simple words can. Trying to come to some kind of peace, I’m getting madder by the minute!  How ruthless are those with ulterior motives who want to control a situation by bleeding, “I love you”- a vice to the brokenhearted??

It’s pathetic to believe that some get what they want with, ” I love you “,  at the flip of a tongue. Scorned, my calloused soul retreats to the dark where little light is shown.  Riddled with questions, best guessed answers lie in the remnants of rotten boxes tucked away for safekeeping.  Their weight are words now replaced by actions.

Today, moving on, I realize God was there all along;  just waiting on me.  Peace has replaced the innuendos; harmony reigns like heavens above.  The sound of three little words exemplifies that talk is only cheap when you really do not mean it.

The Color of Greed

No Christians would ever conjure up such a story of hate and disloyalty….

Today, like most days, I started off on a positive note – blue sky and lots of sun. Feeling the power from above, the world needs to be at peace. At least I wish it was so. Driving to work, a melody came that I heard in church. Funny, though, I couldn’t remember the name of it but I hummed it anyway.  No one heard, thank God! I pulled into the driveway. I was the first one there; no sense waiting. I’ll get started without them, I thought to myself.  That was until I realized what I needed at home.

My mood changed as the morning seemed to be disrupted.  The phone rang and the color of the whole world had gone cold.  In my ear, I heard the most bizarre thing I could have imagined. No Christian would ever conjure up such a story of hate and disloyalty to their own sibling.  Like the headline news, the title read, ” Personal Rep absconds with the whole estate”.  I couldn’t believe my ears!  Trying to focus on the job at hand, it gave me little hope. The outcome looked so bleak. I thought, for the love of God, how could a God fearing, church-going Christian, ever treat a little sister as though she never existed? But he did just that!

Arriving home, distraught from the news, the only logical answer was the “Color of Greed,” defrauding your family after their mother’s passing. God must have reserved a special spot for you , IN HELL, I thought . So I sat and listened as you reiterated this farce- a crime so obtrusive, not even could a mother love. The Color of Greed, where money is all that matters and a family is shattered.  The horrible truth is how funds were misused and insurance was pilfered like pocket change.

An attorney was hired but the pieces reminded him of a scrabble board and political correctness overruled. I thought, how evil could a man’s mind work and never allowing God to intervene into his heart?  Here, for sure, Satan conquered and the laws that are broken are a Catch-22.  I held you as the tears swelled, trying to comfort you, for I knew God had to be in this somewhere. I thought about your poor mother who would have killed if she new the truth!

The melee altered the Will even though the Trust was clear.  Though no one saw it, the loans will close and the innocent buyers will never know that this altercation was such a farce. Since then, another close friend has found himself amongst some living that wish he, too, were dead. It amazes me that you never see the real identity of a person until someone passes away, and then — it’s too late! The color of GREED is everywhere.