Wrath of God 101

God brings out the best in believers as he swirls His wrath about the sinners. God Bless the Florida Keys –

wrath of god 2

It’s another beautiful Sunday morning, praising God for His gifts we share. Sipping on my coffee, it’s a day to praise His word. Like a million other viewers, I turn on the news to watch the storm as it slams south Florida. Memories now are all but washed away. I once resided in the Florida Keys, a quiet little strip of islands as tranquil as the Caribbean could ever be. The Reggae sounds would illuminate the evening air at the end of U S 1. But that was then and this is now.

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The Bible is full of predictions. Luke 21:25 quotes the eclipse in August and now the fury of Irma. You wonder if this is just a coincidence; never doubt the leather bound. Determined to make a difference, God brings out the best in believers as he swirls His wrath about the sinners. And to those who question, I watch, as only God can move the oceans. Some, though, take for granted the power God controls. Protected from the elements, God is first in my every thought. My heart goes out to ones who know not.

Read your BIBLE!!! ( Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).

So the sun breaks through on Mallory Square in Key West. Twisted palms, damaged yachts, and tattered Victorian homes are scattered about the little island. Ship wrecks emerge, thought to be lost forever. They’re like memories of love lost long ago and then resurrected…. I should know. My son, an original “Conch”, can only show loyalty to the island life. Vacationers fill their scrapbooks with happy memories. It’s the churches and the faith that’s protects the lifestyle of residents.

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Knowing the joy of being a resident, my roots too anchor my heart for this is where I met my soulmate. Memories are treasured and thoughts won’t wash away by the hurricane. Now in my comforts, I pray for the memories to be restored to all as soon as possible.

As God’s wrath continues, He cleanses the impurities. The wealthy are humbled; the meek resonates as heroes, saving the disbelievers who doubt that God truly exists. The weary and ragged stand hand-and-hand singing Hallelujah! God has spared the conscious.

So does tomorrow ever come?? South Florida can only hope. Like Houston’s Harvey, you come to appreciate what you really have.

Respectfully, God controls….

wrath of god


Related Verse:

I will execute great vengeance on them with wrathful rebukes. Then they will know that I am the Lord, when I lay my vengeance upon them. (Ezekiel 25:17)


God does judge the nations, and He can use any means to do so. For example, when God rained down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah, it was a judgment of God. Of course, it’s a fallen world, and time and chance happen to us all (Eccl 9:11), and bad things happen because the root cause of all pain, suffering, sorrow, and death is sin, and until sin is no more, there will still be sorrow, suffering, pain, and death, but that too is coming to an end someday (Rev 21:3; 22:4)! We all fall short of God’s glory.


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If I Could Be Hemingway For A Day

To never grow old, your name in lights, and fame finding you at every threshold – I can’t imagine!

I wake to a cloudless still, as though the sun commands the earth to remain and never move. The hibiscus flowers appear as though they are painted in time – the colors so serene. The palms poise reverently along the walk that line the curbs of Whitehead town. The sun blisters old, wooden pickets that divide the parcels. Brittle, brick walls guard some, like a fortress, for those most eloquent of homes. Manicured lawns border the gardens as flowers bloom, blessing the yards.

I walk to the corner of Duval. Looking up through the fronds, the crystal blue back drop shows so radiantly. The seas are calm so I call my old buddy, Joe. “Let’s go fishing!”, and, “I’ll meet you at the Pillar” but he is still asleep. Late night, I guess, you might say. I listen to the useless chatter coming from the open windows. God, what a beautiful day, I think to myself while walking by the little conch houses. The scripts are bubbling right out of my head! I could sit and type on my brand new Singer but it can wait for a rainy afternoon. There’s fish out there I need to catch!

Hemingway houseThe calm seas invite the gulls and I. So, I follow my subconscious in pursuit of the one that got away from me last week. Like thunder, other yachts rumble while heading out to sea. I watch their wakes as it lusters in the sunlight – ripples against the morning haze – slowly burning away. I sit for hours watching the lines, thinking of the old times and ventures we’d taken.

By three or so, the gulls retreat back to shore. The fish just aren’t biting – the moon or tide has something to do with it. I walk along the cobblestones and think how awesome life must have been for Hemingway. A bustling, little island out in the middle of a great big ocean . What a life!

To never grow old, your name in lights, and fame finding you at every threshold – I can’t imagine! Standing in a doorway, I watch those who, unknowingly, are caught by an afternoon shower. I smile, flicking what’s left of my cigar, into the curb of running water . The sun and humidity has returned. I guess, maybe, it is time for a totty.

Yes! I’d give anything to be Hemingway for a day! I’d write my memoirs of where I’ve been while enjoying a glass of champagne. One of his five-toed cats would be sprawled across my lap as the evening light receded. My second home, will always find my heart, not far from the corner of Duval and Simonson.