Sad Flowers


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God calls on the dawn to wake the earth, but a shroud hovers as the sun tries to illuminate the land. Saddened spirits are in disrepair – only prayer and our Father can bless the wounded military. I meander up a lazy lane as the early rays break through the branches of the grim darkness. Headstones stand lined at attention for the many memories of men and women who gave proudly to their country. To think of the bloodshed where no one won! Their names inscribed on a slab of marble causes horrific pain. I humbly salute these honorable soldiers.

All placed in a methodical row, names and numbers proudly display their rank. But only sad flowers stand in their honor. I walk along, and tears come to my eyes. I found a friend from high school who was among the MIA. He died before he had a chance to live life. Tributes are all I can share for the broken parents who will never adore grandchildren on holidays.

I ask God to comfort us with Psalm 116:15: “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” Strolling over the rolling waves of solitude, a lonely elm commemorates the test of time. It shows strength and courage to survive the winters, and it rejoices in the spring and autumn with the chilling rain on its summer leaves; much like those buried beneath the shade of this old Elm tree.

The calling of a heavenly choir beacons its soldiers to come home again, leaving their chained tags hanging on those sad flowers. God has made a special place in heaven for the fallen innocent. A somber sun praises the brave as we walk together in the rays of the risen. God guards the tombs of the unknown. I appreciate the fallen, too, as sad flowers are all that’s left to commemorate their fate.

Happy Memorial Day and be blessed!

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Ceremonial Celebration

Peace reigns in this unity of nations as each athlete bows in respect to one another.

Ceremonial Celebration

With one eye closed, I try to watch the most worldly news one could ever imagine, the PyeongChang Olympics. In living color, every young representative smiles and dances bearing their arms from faraway lands. Proudly, they take center stage – all in one and all as one, saluting their achievements bestowed upon them by God. There exists no animosity, just an extraordinary love for their fellow competitors and country. I try to comprehend the beauty of the opening ceremony, and it makes one wonder, in general, where humanity went wrong in the world.

I see a hidden message here…. there’s a lot we have yet to learn! Peace reigns in this unity of nations as each athlete bows in respect to one another. Far away from the grunge of the United Nations, these tremendously talented, young adults take center stage on a one world playing field. There’s nothing like the promise of competitiveness to make one’s heart grow fonder! At this time, it’s the only positive program on television. Putting aside the negativity of who’s right or wrong, everyone is welcome to join in the ceremony. Together in peace and harmony, they exemplify an abundance of blessings.

As good Samaritans, it’s the Olympics’ young competitors that set the example. So many complacent youngsters today, set in their ways, should follow the lead. I also wonder how our government would work if they got along like these collegiate kids? Amazingly, the world stage needs to take note. Yes, the Olympics is a marvelous event. What better gift could we give God, ourselves and those around us than the gift of learning how to live in unity, filled with the power of God’s love?

Ceremonial Celebration 2

Hopefully, the Olympics 2018 will be remembered in the hearts of people around the globe as a sign of peace!