The Last Dance

God watches the intentions that connects the spirits of the heart and instills hope….

The Last Dance 1

With best intentions, my integrity precedes and daily obligations manifest. Never would I ever believe the twists and curves I’ve been through. My life has now led me down a path of heaven’s way. From the gates of hell to the silver reflections as oceans wash ashore, God has certainly protected the innocence of my heart.

With riches from gifts that cannot be assessed, blessings pour from my writing hand to yours. Wanting to do my best for readers to share, my wealth now lies in God’s hands. In all the years of tribulations and trials, only a couple of bright spots exist in my mind – my son and daughter. My life appears as a child’s chapter story book. And I know many of you can relate.

The Last Dance 4

God watches the intentions that connects the spirits of the heart and instills hope. Though we wait in frustration, our souls hold on to faith. He allows our tough times to happen to test out our dreams before He gives us our gift. It is against all logic that He then places certain people in our lives to carry out His purpose. How can one not be in awe of His works??


As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.
~ Isaiah 55:9


Personally, in my eleventh hour, hell appeared to be an avalanche of no escaping. Miraculously, God heard my dreams that rang out years before. Saving the best for last, as an old Philco of songs we knew every word to, she waltzed back in for the final dance. A Scandinavian blond, with babes in hand, brushed my conscience with her poise and presence. The embryo of unforgotten love was held on to as the years moved onward.

The Last Dance


As seasons gray and gravity plays games, 20/20 reminisces with bifocals. But the band still plays our favorite tunes. Now embraced, I’m dancing my last years with her! Cheek to cheek, looking into teary eyes, I see dreams of fulfillment.


The Last Dance 2


Pray for your dreams and hopes and see what happens. Share it with me – I would love to hear your story! For it is He that now controls my destiny and yours too. What an awesome God we all serve!

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.
~ Matthew 21:22


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Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.
~ Ephesians 3:20-21

These Metallic Memories

….only God with all His strength would seemingly find our two spirits.


If I could go back into the chapters of my mind and resurrect memories, I wish I hadn’t had my soured childhood. Teenage pressures conquered my soul as I was bullied in school as the “the fat kid”. Constantly in one turmoil or another, I watched my father wilt away. I was the young age of fourteen. My dad and mentor is now in heaven but I still look to the skies today to talk to him. I guess, though, there were some fonder times. Let think if I can remember one.

My parents sent me to Rising Sun summer camp every year. It reminded me of the song, in more ways than one. I always looked forward to it.

I moved out at twenty-one under defiant protest. I didn’t need to hear the sermons filtering down. I was so disgusted with everyone that I packed my bags and moved to Florida.

Reaganomics crippled the economy with 14% interest; life had stymied. The challenges we met were battled on the front lines whether it be Vietnam or our own city streets. God, I’m sure, watched from above. But nonetheless, drudgery became a way of life. Until…..

A knock at the door and a metallic memory you’ll never forget – the innocence of an Angel. Poised, her persona was nothing short of Heavenly. With no way to stay in touch, God was the only. Priors soured, single now, neither knew the other’s crossings. But those joyous moments became a distant dream as reality set back in, like an evening thunderstorm, scattering debris. The trials and tribulations remind me of metals on a lapel from wars fought on a personal front. We struggled to survive. Our pure little hearts never realized the heartaches we individually endured. But God saw what no one else could believe, “a spark”, thirty years ago that united two souls in infamy.

metallic memories

Youthful in spirit, with collected memories from obituary relationships, only God with all His strength would seemingly find our two spirits. He reconnected these metallic memories of life.


Working feverishly to build an empire, may God too, bless our days and nights. It’s another battle to share from God above. My eyes closed, I listen to your blessed spirits, your fingers going a hundred miles an hour.

We move to a new plateau, holding hands, while making more “Metallic Memories.”



IQ 72

…we will find our way in a wavering world.

Squirming in my seat as a bored little boy, my teachers struggled to teach me. English, Math, Biology…. it didn’t matter for the text books all looked the same. Confused, like driving in fog, I found myself stuck at an intersection. You see, I tried hard to pay attention but my comprehension was minimal. Life was leaving me behind.

A football coach started to preach to me one day. “You’ll never amount to anything”, he said, “how can you with your lack of mentality?” A tear came as I cleared my throat. My shoulders hung low; I had no response. I knew not of God to stand with me as stones were thrown. Though demolished by insults hurled at me, my Lord was watching and giving me eternal strength. But I was too young and innocent to understand the beliefs instilled so I ran.

IQ72 - 2

Life was like a roller coaster. The climbs were challenging and the valleys were never ending but even as a small child with an IQ of 72, God had a purpose. I learned the greatest gift from God isn’t always the gift but “the giving”. As we walk through life, I propose you be ever mindful that even Christ, with all His many quests before Him, leaves a lot of life in question. It is God who holds the answers. Jesus, like a butler, only holds the door when heaven’s gates are opened. For there is no test score that defies aptitudes.

“For there the meek will inherit”, God’s promise to us all. Looking at the road I’ve traveled, doors opened and blessings flowed. I never saw a traumatic loss; blessings were disguised. But somehow life, with its twists and turns, gets sorted out as we grow older. They’re like the dawn – a new light comes and night is calmed. Channeled through life like running water, we will find our way in a wavering world.


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I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. (Romans 12:12)

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)




He knows our debts owed, as life’s score is 10 – 0

Returning back to my childhood home was like having a reunion with my third grade teacher – too broad to fit, and too old to try to prove I could sit. I’d rather stand anyway. Coming from a prestigious place, where the river rounds and heads north of Annapolis, I’m reminded of the lustful color, following the shoreline up the river.  Memories elude to times when wishes were merely unanswered dreams. Looking back at the losses, I tried to follow my heart and only found being broke was my resolution.

So, I moved away and started again; never looking back. Life had soured within my soul. It was fruitless, as routines were commonplace and that’s the end – well not exactly. Tonight, I find myself wandering off to a place where I ask God for my restitution. He knows our debts we owe, as life’s score is 10 – 0. We ask our Lord, “Will we ever win??” I know my story is ordinary and one that many can relate to. I ask God to guide me, for I am giving up as, once again, I am the ride.

Being eternally grateful, God has proven His ever presence to me. It is a testimonial you wouldn’t believe, but, I keep my faith. God has blessed me – restitution paid! As far as ten times over, the score, now, is life and me – tied. That story is complicated, another book perhaps; as God sends me on a mission to retrieve the soul mate I never had. He knows, though, and now my life has made a one eighty. It’s not for fortune or fame, but, for the love God intends us all to have.

The key, unfortunately, is being still – reverently patient. Sometimes, the hell we go through is right here on Earth. For example, I look back at 32 years ago and I ask God, why? Looking for the purpose is one word – timing – all in God’s timing. I’m sure there’s no other answer! Faith plays a part as fate took a role thirty two years ago. It knew more than us! Today, I look back at my personal hell and realize – it’s the dues we all must pay for the reality of our own restitution…..


Meet Me At State Circle

…only the Lord knew how we would react…. a true story

A brisk breeze invited the huge oaks to sway and the new little leaves fluttered as the morning sun evaporated last night’s rain. Three piece suits ushered in and out of the Capital where policies change with the swipe of a pen. I wasn’t here to tour or sit in on legislation.

I sat all alone on the retaining wall and watched the minute hand on the old movie theater clock. With baited breath, I straightened my collar, adjusted my sweater, and swept my hair in the right direction.

The crisp, cool breeze invited the sun as it made its way through the whispering leaves. With goosebumps, the seconds passed, and the minutes felt as though they were hours. The bell above rang in the steeple. It was high noon and I was scared to death! I wondered if she would recognize me or just walk on by. Was it me that should run and hide?

It had been thirty-two years since we laid eyes on one another and only the Lord knew how we would react when our eyes made contact. As pen pals, we posted notes and shared some pictures of ourselves, but, you never know if that’s “really you” after all those many years. I saw a blonde in the distance, walking my direction. “Could it be??”, I thought to myself, or was it just another pretty face. Nervous as an adolescent on his very first blind date, you were cordially late, which made me uncomfortable. I wondered if you would show.

Like a movie script, dressed to kill, with a smile that would light the world, you walked toward me. You looked like a college girl in your leggings, soft sweater, and a scarf that swayed as you walked. A mirage – maybe? Was it really you after all these years?? You haven’t changed. I jumped down off the wall as if to almost stand at attention. Your eyes sparkled and your teeth so white. You reach out to grab me like a long, lost friend. Embarrassingly, I felt your lonely heart, determined to see if there’s still a spark. I am amazed you’re still single! What any man, half my age, wouldn’t do to have you!

God is so awesome and fate may be the unwritten chapter in the Bible. Only He knew we’d meet, in May, on State Circle. The warm sun refreshes the dampness as life is revived from memories past. Only God could arrange such a reunion, as two hearts were once so close. I pushed you away to just stare into your face. I wiped away the years of tears and only wished for younger days.

Though God’s timing is unknown, soulmates are always on time. You see, we are never promised a matrimony where love is ordained to be on hold, but, somehow, it just felt right as I looked in her eyes and she stared into mine. Against all odds, I held you tight, as we walked the opposite direction, there on State Circle.

It’s true that hearts know no time and life starts over like spring after winter. So, I took your hand and began to patch up those lonely thoughts of us from years before. Only God allowed us to love as we prayed around State Circle ……

Waiting In The Wings

…..I resort to the only way I know to find my forever soulmate..

Tonight, in the quiet of a crowded room, I listen to the music while people run wild. God has laid his hand on thee, though I feel so all alone. Life is short, at best; there is no reverse, only forward. I watch the warm sun setting in the crisp, cool chill. God protects the weary – those who feel the chill from the inside out.  Alone in the night, I pray to the one who cares to make a difference; tears come like withered leaves.

I hear your plea as you cry out but only He can heal the injured prayers. The breeze carries my dreams astray, where those go who disbelieve me. A northern snow buries a soured soul that tries to crawl in the cracks where it’s warm. My conscious controls my broken spirit as I bury my head under the covers. Tomorrow will come. I try to sleep as the winds seep in and the pain is haunting.

Alone, I know you’re out there. I feel your despair; how do I to find you??  Heaven has no internet so I resort to the only way I know to find my forever soulmate — prayer. As many times before, I call on the Lord to help me and again, I must be patient. I know my prayers are heard, but God’s timing is a different story . Life is a struggle to survive with disappointments at every corner. Constantly aware, I listen to my heart .

Another night, another crowd, and like seeing my reflection in a mirror, I look outside. People are milling all about, but it is you, I am missing. I can’t explain my deepest feelings that are vowed, in an insignificant obligation, but I pay the price. But God sees and that’s all that matters! My personal trials become immaterial; I search for you through a higher power. Tears come as I pray you call. In the 11th hour, amazingly, our Father comes through. All the waiting, all the dreaming, all the thoughts and tiresome scheming are over.

All the many prayers, night after night; all the hopes and lonely dreams; and I found what I was looking for, finally!  The one I never forgot; the one who won my heart when I was younger. As time is never convenient, love prevails. Nothing matters like God calling you to me. I drop what I am doing to run to the occasion!  My love, waiting in the wings, from many years before….