“There…In God’s Grace”

“Round the Bay” e-Book release is almost here!

In God's Grace

I am so excited to announce that my new book, “There… In God’s Grace, Round the Bay”, will make its way to you as an e-Book in March 2018!!  It has been a long, grueling transition from the original publisher to my self-publishing company but I’m in love with the changes!

This book is a devotion to God who has blessed me with the ability to write Christian based stories of love, betrayal, devotion, emotion, loss, and life.  It contains over one hundred pieces and coinciding bible verses to inspire and move you, many of which are based on personal experiences.

For only $1.99, let God move in your heart through these easy-to-read stories for young and old, the weak and the strong. It will be available in all formats and languages.

The exact release date will be announced very soon so stay tuned!