Ye of Little Faith

A little boy sat in the corner with his nose against the wall. He never realized how disruptive he was to other students. The class frowned at him, but he still didn’t understand his misbehavior during the lesson. A bell loudly rang, and kids jumped up from their desks to run to the cafeteria. Yet, a little boy deprived of lunch sat in his confusion of tears.

The story plays reruns today, maybe not so dramatically, but the ramifications still imply the same feelings. Children classified as “learning disabled” acquires resentment early in childhood. They feel shunned, discredited from society, and labeled as another hopeless spirit lying dormant in fortitude. Frustrated parents and teachers have modest educational skills to cope with the disability. The innocence of ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia makes a child’s life incredibly difficult. I know as I, too, walk the path every single day.

Ye of Little Faith small picWe, the stigmatized and labeled children, are stuck in a corner, and the only word we can spell is can’t. We fumble through adolescence, for no college academics ever adheres with those who see things far beyond the scope of today’s lessons. God is our only instructor as He sees into the minds of many people with nil comprehension.

George Washington, Edison, Einstein, Roosevelt, and even Cher are just some learning disabled notables who made significant contributions to our society. But God giveth and God taketh away – His test is for us to gather stamina and strength to prepare our real treasures in heaven. It blesses God in both the giving and the taking away because it is for the sake of our joy though it may not seem fair. He replaces our many shortcomings with abundant blessings.

Ye of Little Faith verse

So, the next time you have an urge to yell at a problematic child, just remember – they may be our president, a great singer, or an author one day. Can’t is a no longer in our vocabulary! God watches over the handicapped, allowing us to conquer and explore with great creativity.

Faith is all we have when the odds are stacked against us. God blesses and anoints the imagination of those less fortunate, and condemns those who seek to destroy these special children. Our Lord’s hands know no limits, and the word can’t is just permission to prove ye of little faith wrong!

God bless the less fortunate!

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One Comment on “Ye of Little Faith

  1. SMiLes.. not speaking until age 4 on the Autism and Bi-Polar Spectrum..
    Overcoming the
    Views of Peers
    i Didn’t Deserve
    To exist successfully
    Retiring from Government
    Service as Athletic Director after 33 years of
    Work.. and 3 College Degrees.. starting off as
    The last Kid picked in Sports.. and eventually in
    2013 recovering enough as shut-in in my Bedroom
    With 19 Medical issues as a synergy of Life threatening illnesses
    Including type two Trigeminal Neuralgia
    Assessed as a pain worse
    Than Crucifixion for 66 Months From Wake to Sleep it’s true the Fearless Meek and Humble also do John 14:12 after existing
    Poor of Spirit in Real Earth Hell WiTHiN For 66 Months then writing a Newer Testament Long Form Poem Bible oF 6 MiLLioN Words And
    Additionally 9666
    Miles oF Public
    Dance in
    Same 59 Months
    As the once Poor
    Of Spirit inherit
    The Kingdom
    OF Agape Love
    Yes Heaven
    WiTHiN ALWays
    At Hand and
    Feat of Foot
    In this
    Now yet Still
    Internet Christians
    Tell me behind faceless
    Avatars this is a sin now
    And just another humble
    Man like me is coming
    Soon to send me to
    A Lake oF eternal
    Fire for the
    Second time
    As reward
    For completing
    John 14:12
    In Heaven oF
    LoVE NoW.. True
    My FriEnd I’ve changed
    But some ‘stuff’ hasn’t
    Since Middle School
    And 2K years ago
    Too.. yes those
    With little
    Faith and
    Us the
    Of Oak
    Love Roots still
    Growing Leaves
    Still Falling on
    Barren Souls
    Yet to
    By the First

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