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The Sleeping Saints

A simple bible scripture quietly wrapped up within the Easter season, placed a conviction on sinners and nonbelievers. Christ’s crucifixion was not in vain. Allow me to test your knowledge of an event which surrounded the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is…

Do Christians Face, Today, What Jesus Faced?

For many days, I pondered over the television mini-series, “Jesus: His Life.” It is inspiring… an innocent child, sent by God, led a mission to save mankind. God’s other attempts to instill His word to unbelievers failed, so His new plan involved sending an…

Weren’t We Warned?

Today is the day to exploit my messages from God. I think it is important to summarize and discuss the last three week’s blogs – The Stars Are Lining Up, The Ides of Suspicion, and What If Christ Came to Rule the White House….