Rising Star

Some say there’s no God, but stand beside me on this glorious night and tell me there isn’t a God in heaven above. Searching the sherbet ambiance where the waters meet the sky, we anxiously await and  pray on the first star at night, however minute. In humbled reverence, we ask God to help us as we try to make a difference in the world. We set out on a journey, like a star shimmering in the heavens, knowing only God can lead us to perfection. Doing our best is all He asks, so we travel onward in His strength and righteousness.

As a wayfarer, we cross the plains looking for the promised oasis. But we soon discover there isn’t one – it’s just tumbleweeds. Holding on to faith, the foundation of life, we clench our hearts for that which we believe to be right. A shooting star circles the earth. All we get is a brief moment to shine. Our world is so incomplete – if only we could wish for a lifetime to change the unknown!

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Though God is always steadfast by our side, our hearts continue to flounder like a fish out of water. In the turn of an eye, we can become a rising star. Look past the present and set your sights on the future! God should come first in every breath you take; does He in yours? Is He your first thought when morning comes, and the last one as prayers are spoken in the dark?

You watch to catch a glimpse of that shining star, shimmering above in the holy night. It’s the star you know deep, down inside which gives you hope and grows with love. At the end of the day, we must ask God, “Did I inspire someone?”

In the quiet of the night, though, one of God’s stars are born, rising to the occasion. Is it you? Faith in our Father’s prayers travels from here to heaven. He wants to fill us with hope because He has ultimate control. Thank God always for the glory and for what you pray is already coming.

My beloved brothers in Christ, we are put on earth for God’s purpose. It is His mission, a request for all to follow, so be prepared…. for tomorrow may be your turn. Godspeed!

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Written by Dana Bicks LLC, Author

Dana S. Bicks, a Severna Park, Maryland native, was born a left-handed dyslexic, and falsely labeled "retarded" as a young child. He struggled throughout his life with the disability when at the age of sixty, a miracle occurred. God, in His infinite grace and wisdom, awoke Dana and demanded him to be a writer of His messages to the world. Shortly after finding humor in God's suggestion, Dana picked up a pen. He began writing, right-handed nonetheless, Christian struggles of life, and prayers ascribed to him by the Lord. In June 2017, Dana and his wife created this inspirational blog which currently maintains 19.6 million readers in twenty-nine countries across the world. It has won numerous awards including a Top 30 Inspirational Blog Website To Follow in 2018 as awarded by Feedspot.com in May 2018. His blog is followed by numerous celebrities, ministries, authors, and people in all walks of life. Only God's hand could allow an unexperienced writer to grow a fellowship of such success in less than a year! Dana Bicks shares these stories in his beautiful books, blogs, and social media platforms. His new inspirational book series, "There In God's Grace", will be released September 27, 2018. Dana’s creative, talented writing can only be heaven sent!

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