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In the dawn’s early morn, the pain of yesterday’s yearnings claim a broken spirit’s aches. Our skeletons hang in mirrored closets as we armor ourselves against prosecutions. Oh, the stories our hearts and souls could tell, for no one is beyond reproach. Living in a transparent world, we only share what’s visible to bystanders. Isn’t it a God’s blessing life has no reverse?

It is only through the Holy Spirit we are made whole again, particularly after our sins expose the dark paths of our past. We are definitely unworthy of His name! So, let us not discredit each other’s integrity and pass judgment for everyone has a rap sheet to bury. We fell victim to incidents never designed for us to encounter; it’s only the grace of God becoming our alibi as we trade tales of skirmishes. Our rap sheets frame the prominent invisible scars while we carry our integrity and personality in a lunchbox to work.

I think about the image Jesus must have carried as He made his way through the crowd of judging onlookers in Jerusalem. I wonder if this is what HIS rap sheet read:

Rap Sheet pic

Unfortunately, for everyone else, judgment day is forthcoming. Our book of sins will follow us, and there’ll be no denying for our forgiving Father has the last word. We must wipe the smudge marks off our glass and pray for forgiveness. It is our only relief for a life with Christ and eternal salvation.

So, fellow brothers, if we should ever meet in public, take a glimpse of your own rap sheet first before you study mine. Are your shoes clean or are they muddy just like mine? Is your shirttail in or partially out with the stains of others you’ve hurt along the way? Straighten that tie and polish those boots! There’s a lot of life we all must trudge through to get to the end. God bless us all as we make our way in this embellished life of sin!

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