Our Year in Review

What a wonderful and exciting year we had in 2018! God blessed us with so many things, it is hard to name them all. Let me begin with our blog… danabicksauthor.com.
This year, we jumped to an astounding 20.6 million followers in 29+ countries around the world. It even crashed our personal website twice! My wife and I have met so many terrific people through the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Renowned famous names are now taking a ride with us and communicating regularly. It proves my point everyone is looking for something to fill a small hole within themselves. In April and September, once again, Feedspot named our blog a “Top 30 Inspirational Blog in the World”; and Instagram also called it a Top 20 Inspirational Blog.

In 2019, our blog will be redesigned again and running from its own server. We will also begin a Weekly Newsletter to be emailed to all those who sign up for our latest news and blogs. You can find the email sign up box at the bottom of the blog and on the Facebook page – Dana Bicks, Author.

It was a rough start for my first book, There In God’s Grace. From March through July, it went through the hands of three very large publishers whose only agenda was to change sentences and words to make it more “politically” correct. These narratives are my miracles and struggles, and to alter it would have been a terrible injustice. So, after praying for answers, my wife and I decided to self-publish and incorporate our own publishing company, Bicks Books, LLC.

We finally released There In God’s Grace to the public on September 27, 2018, with wonderful reviews! It can be found everywhere in the world, in every bookstore, and online. Thank you to all our vendors who made it possible. This includes Integrative Ink, Ingram Press, and Amazon who has it rated a five-star book with a ranking in the top 20% of all their book sales. It is a bestseller on Kobo which is an international site for ebooks. Thank you most of all to our readers and followers who placed it at the top. Without your support, none of this would be possible!

For the new year, 2019, Anne and I are revising my thirteen children’s book series, “Dr. Peacock and Friends.” New story lines based on Christian morals and values will be the theme to inspire and entertain kids of all ages. We expect releasing them at the end of 2019 along with backpacks, coloring books, cups, and other items.

Yes, this has been a fantastic year for danabicksauthor.com. We sincerely hope you will continue to follow us and share God’s messages with everyone. Stay tuned for our changes coming soon and feel free to send your thoughts!

Happy New Year and may God bless your many days ahead!




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