Humility: The Sums of Ignorance

A star-studded funeral procession has me pondering if the deceased would have appreciated such a lack of respect. Many famous names donned their formal attire and tried to pretend their soul was clothed in reverence. I observed, in disgrace, this gift from God, a beautiful, gifted singer trashed by the sums of ignorance. I have to wonder how many of those sinful dignitaries felt uncomfortable in God’s house? Those who claimed the spotlight evidently will not inherit where they left their mark.

I turn my thoughts to Jesus who dragged His cross through the dirt streets of Jerusalem. The crowds jeered and mocked Him as they allowed no humility, an impression every Christian is left within their heart today…the sums of ignorance. Jesus was swarmed by bees – the yellow jacket soldiers reaching for the honey left in their hive, or so they thought!

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God finds little pleasure in the sting. Humility, dignity, pride, and respect is what the dead deserves on earth. Where was it? Not behind the cameras taking selfies, or in a minister’s offensive eulogy, nor the soldiers hammering nails through the hands on the cross! Is that the picture you want people to remember – ignorance?

Notice the patrons of Christ who bear arms heavier than themselves carrying the weight of their own crosses. Never once did they embellish the claim of being self-servant. There, in God’s grace, we are a member of His home. Our place waits, a napkin folded and our humility intact as we patiently wait upon our Lord to return. Amen!

Be not persuaded nor afraid to stand against those who place dares. I, for one, would rather stand in humility, by myself, then to relish in the sands where there is no water. Let us share our pew with those searching for Jesus! Welcome the lost as they, too, seek refuge under the cross we will all bear one day. My arms are weary, but I’ll be there to take your hand and pull you out of the grips of disparity…. the sums of ignorance.

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    • I was referring to Aretha Franklin’s funeral in my blog.

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