In honor of my hometown of Annapolis, Maryland

The effervescence of ships lies waiting as dawn’s early light tells the story. The masts are still sleeping, and flags unfurl in dead silence. God’s grace patiently calls this place home. A quiet, tiny town bellows the names of victims as the unexpected has turned into reality. How many more lives must suffer as the story unfolds? Flags at half-mast fly in honor of the fallen.

On this day, may I ask, too, that we honor our innocent, fallen friends (not those in uniform on Taylor Avenue) but rather the ones greeted each morning on their way to work at the Capital-Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. It’s my hometown too. God bless their legacies!

In the seventies, we saw the rise and fall of other types of socialism. Now it’s brought to life again as statues, representing the love of this country, crumble to the ground. Even God’s Ten Commandments are destroyed – apparently, they meant nothing! A handful, living a Godless life, find it in their hearts to remove that which this country agreed upon since the beginning of America. First, it’s our flags of heritage, then the marble stone etched in the corners of the lawn, right down to the landmark monuments we commemorate often. The unruly try to discredit our Christian heritage by disfiguring, and all because of the name of God.

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It is shameful we do little to defend our roots as we carry our beliefs around in a pocket bible! United in prayer, but too busy to care, we don’t seem to have time to rise against the barbaric sinisterism that rises in the spread of lawlessness.


Mount your voices in every corner where one or more are gathered! Like political signs lining the curbs, vote for God to be your elected official! Enough of the false intentions, and stand up for the Ten Commandments. After all, America’s laws were built on His words.

Yes, it’s time to take back what is righteously yours in this country. Those in uniform earned your freedom of choice – do not let it be in vain! Our dying democracy sits quietly like the unfurled sails of sleeping masts in a harbor of graves. Show your pride, before you are deprived – just like the bible buried in your pants.

Give God the Glory! Rise up churches! Where is your honor of proclamation? God gave us the Ten Commandments, but you can’t afford to advertise them? Put God first, proclaim the Word, and others will follow your voice.


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Photo by Dana Bicks LLC; Gentry, Arkansas

Today, let us pay our respects to the many historical ‘houses of God’ lying in peaceful disarray. Let them remain a shrine to the dedication of those who built them with just a simple hammer and nails. I, for one, would honor the challenge for God must come first!
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Written by Dana Bicks LLC, Author

Dana S. Bicks, a Severna Park, Maryland native, was born a left-handed dyslexic, and falsely labeled "retarded" as a young child. He struggled throughout his life with the disability when at the age of sixty, a miracle occurred. God, in His infinite grace and wisdom, awoke Dana and demanded him to be a writer of His messages to the world. Shortly after finding humor in God's suggestion, Dana picked up a pen. He began writing, right-handed nonetheless, Christian struggles of life, and prayers ascribed to him by the Lord. In June 2017, Dana and his wife created this inspirational blog which currently maintains 19.6 million readers in twenty-nine countries across the world. It has won numerous awards including a Top 30 Inspirational Blog Website To Follow in 2018 as awarded by Feedspot.com in May 2018. His blog is followed by numerous celebrities, ministries, authors, and people in all walks of life. Only God's hand could allow an unexperienced writer to grow a fellowship of such success in less than a year! Dana Bicks shares these stories in his beautiful books, blogs, and social media platforms. His new inspirational book series, "There In God's Grace", will be released September 27, 2018. Dana’s creative, talented writing can only be heaven sent!


  1. That is wonderful and I agree we should not only keep it in church but in our every day life praise God! I too am a miracle I had Epilepsy as a child over a and it got better as I got older . Only by Gods gift.

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