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I would like to give you food for thought today. The world is full of wonderment and unanswered phenomena. Archeologists unearth mysteries around the world. Miracles occur in the eleventh hour. Victims relay stories of accidents occurring where a man appears to comfort their head or hand while help is on the way. Disasters happen, and pets or wildlife are known to come to the rescue of humans. So, may I ask, what if God has already returned to earth?

Who was the person some survivors saw at the scene of an accident? What about those lying on their deathbed and they hear, “go back it’s not your turn just yet”? And in the name of God, who answers our prayers when we call on Him? Who calms the waters after raging storms? Explain the feeling of a shadow brushing by you, or the scent of a different smell when you’re all alone, interrupting your thoughts. Maybe Christ walks amongst us.


Here’s a true, personal story, and food for thought… I was standing in a check-out line at a grocery store. A very old, pale and thin little man was playing with four pennies in the palm of his hand. Annoyed, I asked him, “Sir, what are you doing?” He smiled and explained he owed the cashier four cents from his last visit, a month ago. I noticed his arms had no hair, his teeth were perfect and white, and his fingernails clean as a whistle. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, but his lips were a youthful skin tone.

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I offered to let him step ahead of me. He looked at me, smiled, and said these words, “Thank you, son, you see I’m from another era, and I’m not used to people being polite.” I didn’t think at the moment about his words, but a few minutes later, as I was driving home and I figured it out. Questions arose in my mind. Why was he not buying any groceries? He said it had been a month since he bought food. Why would you waste gas to go this far to pay four cents? And folks just do not use the words “another era” in our language today. Later, I discovered that four pennies have a biblical meaning, a sign, if you will.


So, what if Christ is here on earth? What if He is living here and helping those who call on His name? We see the ill receive a blessing of rejuvenated health, miraculously, and some who walk away from serious accidents unscathed. Others drowned and met Christ in a shining light and survived to tell the story. We’ve all heard the stories, but is it really possible?

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I know the Bible depicts God as not being in the realm of this world, but what if that is just someone’s interpretation? Remember, God brought himself to earth once before in the formation of Jesus. He can certainly do it again! More questions than not arise unanswered. Maybe Christ isn’t quite ready to call his children home. Perhaps heaven is under a little home improvement. Food for thought….


Maybe we should re-examine our thoughts once more. I, for one, am a believer in miracles as I’ve seen more than I care to mention. I can testify someone is listening to my prayers. Don’t you think it’s time to plead for mercy? Rest assuredly, someone in heaven is watching over us. So when you pray, the switchboard will light up, and they will answer your call. Just keep the faith!

I recognize many people carry doubts because it’s been that way for two thousand years – that’s nothing new. Christians, though, need to celebrate that Jesus is very much alive (not in past tense). Maybe He does perhaps walk amongst us!

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  1. I definitely believe in miracles! But while Jesus/Yeshua and God/Yehovah certainly do sometimes physically intervene and save a person’s life, I don’t believe His Second Coming has occurred yet. When it occurs, we simply won’t miss it.

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