My name is Dana Bicks and I was born and raised in Severna Park, Maryland.  Mentally, I’m retired, but fiscally, I work relentlessly to maintain my bouncy in-the-flood of storytellers.  As most messengers major in English or literature in college, I was blessed in construction and architectural talents. Born dyslexic, my comprehension and writing skills were null. As I grew up, it was considered a handicap as they had not yet diagnosed the learning disability. Being about three bricks short of a cord, school was a bore and learning to read was next to impossible. Struggling through my occupational life, and in and out of marriages, my world was spiraling like a kamikaze pilot until one fateful evening, in the middle of the night. God woke me and told me to write!  “No way!”, I said, “there’s a better chance of me splitting the waters”. 

     Well, the rest they say is history – a children’s book series, Dr. Peacock and Friends, and over nine hundred inspirational pieces written, so far, in the last five years. Proud not be a trained writer, but instead a messenger of God, I do hope you all enjoy my blogs.  Many blessings to those who have helped guide me and inspire me through my journey.


“I have been blessed to know and witness, personally, Dana Bick’s endearing gift from God, for writing.  He receives messages when watching TV, sitting in a church pew, taking showers, eating in a restaurant, or while just enjoying the sun rising in the early morning hours.  His cell phone is his best friend because that is where he writes as he has little formal training on a computer.  It is truly amazing to behold such a wonderful man tapping down his thoughts as if he has written his whole life!  He amazes me everyday with the blessings God has bestowed upon him.  His personal story of living life with a disability is remarkable.  It should be an inspiration to people of all ages that when life knocks you down, God will supersede and give you a new gift from above.”  Anonymous –


Response from booking signing at Barnes & Noble, 2016 –

Dear Dana,

Thank you for the book (Dr. Peacock and Friends). I really like the part where the cat gets stuck in the tree.  I also like the parts where Dr. Peacock helps the people who are sick or hurt.

P.S. That is a really good book.

Thank you, Emily Philpott