Things I Wished I Changed

Our past is the foundation of tomorrow…..

In a peaceful breeze that filters through the cedar columns, I sit on the front porch rocking; meditating about things I’d like to change. So my mind wanders off into space…. I guess you could say I’m daydreaming . The refreshing winds do little for my incentive as I’m about to fall asleep. I ask you, what would you change in your life if you could?

I ponder why God makes an example of me. I’m so different from a decade ago – poor in spirit, alone, and nothing manifested. I had to come to grips that only God could really change me.

With no sun to paint a pretty picture, I was very accident prone. I shouldn’t have lived much past the age of five. An eight hour surgery should have ended my existence, but it didn’t, somehow. At eight years old, I learned to sailor dive in three feet of water; boy that was a bloody mistake! No one told me to keep my head back….

In the boot camp training of dings, cuts, scrapes and bruises, I’m lucky I’m still intact. But life is a marvelous gift, compliments of God above. We have all had our brushes with destiny, yet we made it through.

I ask our Lord, why am I writing this right now? Is there a purpose? I think of things I wish I could have changed – the experiences that made me, Me. It’s easy – not one thing!

In the mirror, I see a little boy who lost his father before his prime. I fought to comprehend the meaning of life; I wonder no more. God has brought me to this point of rocking on the front porch, writing to you; enjoying the moment as the winds cool. While sipping on my lukewarm coffee, I don’t question where faith leads me as I review the circumstances of the last six months. But my message is quite simple…

Stand still, let God do his work! You do your own. Don’t grab at a storm that God has removed from your situation. Your personal experiences, whether good or bad, allows you to be where you are today.

Graciously, I offer a thought of conjecture… God made YOU – the imperfections and yet gifts untold. We all have them. Our past is the foundation of tomorrow; stand up and be counted!

Author: Dana Bicks LLC, Author

What you are reading on my website is the result of a miracle from God. I am not a writer, though I am a messenger. God took a very dyslexic guy from Severna Park, Maryland, who never read or wrote a thing, and told me I was going to write messages to share with others. I do not have a degree, and English was my poorest subject. Trust me, it's only through God that I write. As you read, understand that we all have the ability to receive the gifts that Christ would like us to have, gifts from God. It happened to me, it can happen to you. Let God enter your soul and rule your spirit!

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