If Dreams Come True

….watching the swells drift upon the shore!

It’s a Friday morning, a little after five, and a gentle breeze has arrived from the east. I am thinking about where I wish I could be right now. So my dreams begin to formulate, high above, while smelling the ocean…

I’m watching the moonlight reflect upon the breakers. From seven floors above the sand, I see the dark images of gulls scattering along the beach, waiting for something good to eat. The quiet dominates as the only noise is from the stars. I’m inhaling the salty air that’s drifted up in the morning breeze. Not a soul is stirring; it’s me and God, and of course, the one I love…

We are sharing the same space like two molecules in the atmosphere; holding each other; our coffee resting upon the handrail. Watching your silkiness shine in the twilight, only God can create such a moment. A chill is passing as the breeze turns and it’s facing us now; earlier, we were protected from the wind by the structure. Grabbing my arm, you pull me closer and I try to protect you from the elements. God, what a beautiful time to be alive! Thinking about the day to come, you are meandering off to get us another cup of coffee. beach

The sky glows like a fire off in the distance. Mesmerized, I’m watching the night as it changes colors. The purple and blue resonates first, then a hint of orange and red. Like looking at a rainbow laying straight across the limitless ocean, we’re standing in awe. The clouds from the night before, brought a steamy shower, and has left little relief except for the breeze stirring beyond the swells. I’m so happy to have you – a compliment from God.

Enjoying the morning created by His Majesty, I’ll never take this for granted. If I could only stay right here, living by the handrail, reverently watching from the seventh floor balcony. What a content couple I think we are watching the swells drift upon the shore! Staring out at a pod of dolphins, they are slowly making their way south in search of a delicacy.

The sky is dark no more and vacationers are stirring below me. I see a small child splashing in the shallows. What an awesome sight – the gift of life. The umbrellas are standing in formation in a kaleidoscope of color; and lovers are strolling along the sand holding one another’s hand.

What an awesome thought to be where I’m so in love and tranquility seems to govern! No rush for judgement here; only a peace that comes from above.

So I’m packing up my dreams for another time and scurrying around to get ready for reality. It’s Friday morning and obligations are calling as responsibilities need me. So I’m off to a different world – one that is semi-gratifying. It will, though, never match my morning coffee, resting on the handrail, seven floors above, while holding you beside me…. I love you….

Author: Dana Bicks LLC, Author

What you are reading on my website is the result of a miracle from God. I am not a writer, though I am a messenger. God took a very dyslexic guy from Severna Park, Maryland, who never read or wrote a thing, and told me I was going to write messages to share with others. I do not have a degree, and English was my poorest subject. Trust me, it's only through God that I write. As you read, understand that we all have the ability to receive the gifts that Christ would like us to have, gifts from God. It happened to me, it can happen to you. Let God enter your soul and rule your spirit!

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