Waiting In The Wings

…..I resort to the only way I know to find my forever soulmate..

Tonight, in the quiet of a crowded room, I listen to the music while people run wild. God has laid his hand on thee, though I feel so all alone. Life is short, at best; there is no reverse, only forward. I watch the warm sun setting in the crisp, cool chill. God protects the weary – those who feel the chill from the inside out.  Alone in the night, I pray to the one who cares to make a difference; tears come like withered leaves.

I hear your plea as you cry out but only He can heal the injured prayers. The breeze carries my dreams astray, where those go who disbelieve me. A northern snow buries a soured soul that tries to crawl in the cracks where it’s warm. My conscious controls my broken spirit as I bury my head under the covers. Tomorrow will come. I try to sleep as the winds seep in and the pain is haunting.

Alone, I know you’re out there. I feel your despair; how do I to find you??  Heaven has no internet so I resort to the only way I know to find my forever soulmate — prayer. As many times before, I call on the Lord to help me and again, I must be patient. I know my prayers are heard, but God’s timing is a different story . Life is a struggle to survive with disappointments at every corner. Constantly aware, I listen to my heart .

Another night, another crowd, and like seeing my reflection in a mirror, I look outside. People are milling all about, but it is you, I am missing. I can’t explain my deepest feelings that are vowed, in an insignificant obligation, but I pay the price. But God sees and that’s all that matters! My personal trials become immaterial; I search for you through a higher power. Tears come as I pray you call. In the 11th hour, amazingly, our Father comes through. All the waiting, all the dreaming, all the thoughts and tiresome scheming are over.

All the many prayers, night after night; all the hopes and lonely dreams; and I found what I was looking for, finally!  The one I never forgot; the one who won my heart when I was younger. As time is never convenient, love prevails. Nothing matters like God calling you to me. I drop what I am doing to run to the occasion!  My love, waiting in the wings, from many years before….

Author: Dana Bicks LLC, Author

What you are reading on my website is the result of a miracle from God. I am not a writer, though I am a messenger. God took a very dyslexic guy from Severna Park, Maryland, who never read or wrote a thing, and told me I was going to write messages to share with others. I do not have a degree, and English was my poorest subject. Trust me, it's only through God that I write. As you read, understand that we all have the ability to receive the gifts that Christ would like us to have, gifts from God. It happened to me, it can happen to you. Let God enter your soul and rule your spirit!

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